/Murway Genuine Leather Bags Made in Italy

Murway Genuine Leather Bags Made in Italy

Murway is a new brand of colorful bags designed by Denishio Murray. He is the designer responsible for crafting this unique line in hopes of bringing happiness to anyone who wears his designs. Italian leather bags are timeless, high-quality staples that will last forever.

You Can’t Put a Price on Happiness

These one-of-a-kind handbags are hand-made in Italy, using only genuine leather. Murway’s mission is to create fashion that is long-lasting while also being affordable. Denishio Murray shares that there were times when he couldn’t afford genuine leather because of the price. “I make sure my prices are affordable so that my luxury bags are accessible to everyone regardless of their financial income,” he explains. 

Celebrating Someone Special

Murway bags come in a variety of unique and vibrant colors such as Purple Rain, Midnight Black, and Rose Red, just to name a few. Personalize your gift and choose the color that compliments someone special with these gorgeous, hand-made bags. The design is sophisticated enough for an elegant evening out but can also elevate a relaxed look.

Denishio Murray offers some insight into what inspired him to create Murway. “I have always loved high fashion,” he explains. “I’ve literally been my mom’s stylist since I can remember. I used to style her for work meetings and big events.” 

He continues, “I realized from a young age that styling others and helping people feel their best made me feel good. I have a strong mother who influenced me with her work ethic. She taught me what true sacrifice is. She worked three jobs just to make sure our needs were met. This has always inspired me to pursue multiple projects.”

The universe reciprocates the energy you put into the world. – Denishio Murray

As a result, Denishio got his degree while pursuing his dream of being a fashion designer. “Even though my passion was fashion, I still went to college at Arkansas State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with the intention of getting my master’s and becoming a therapist,” he explains. “My ultimate passion has been to help others feel better and elevated inside and out. I’ve been able to do this while staying in touch with fashion.”

“Along the way, I designed bags and styled others, staying in touch with my creativity. In June 2020, I decided it was time to rent a U-Haul and move to Los Angeles. My intention was to fulfill this lifelong dream of starting a leather bag line. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Building a Brand

Denishio says, “Sales were slow when I launched Murway. I invested time and money weekly to build a brand aesthetic and credibility while barely making any sales. I have invested my heart into my brand, thankfully that has started to pay off.”

“My advice for other entrepreneurs would be to stay focused and be consistent. Put in the work to make your dreams a reality. Never let anyone place a limit on your dreams because you have the power to make them happen. Learn and grow as much as you can from every experience life offers.” 

Check out the new “MoMo” Collection inspired by and named after Denishio’s late uncle who passed away from Covid-19 in September 2020. These colorful bags celebrate MoMo’s vibrant and loving energy that lives beyond his physical existence. 

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