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On the Ground in Turkey with CEO Uğur Akkuş

Whether you are doing business in Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir, sooner or later, one name pops up in conversations: Uğur Akkuş, the Founder and CEO of A&S Investment Holding Company. Akkuş is a third-generation businessman who over the years has created a multimillion-dollar portfolio of investments in nearly every industry, including energy, tourism, construction, and real estate. Today, he is using his business and connections to help companies across Turkey become stronger and develop the country into a global economic leader. Akkuş is more than an investor, however – he is someone who cares deeply about his countrymen, and he always seems to have a pulse on the latest issues in Turkey, including what could be done to help solve them. Akkuş agreed to sit down for an interview about what is happening in Turkey and how he believes A&S Investment Holding will help shape its future.


“The last few years have been incredible for both my country and A&S Investment Holding,” Akkuş reflects. “The coronavirus took the world by surprise, and it was a chance for everyone to do what they could for others. We all remember how one day we were all walking around just like normal, and the next, we suddenly were scrambling to find masks. They were difficult to find in Turkey and across the continent. I knew that with A&S Investment Holding’s resources, we could do something to help, so in 2020, we created Turkey’s largest mask production facility right here in Istanbul. It had the added benefit of helping to bring more jobs at a crucial time.”


Akkuş states that he Zoom-conferenced with doctors and other medical professionals across the country and from around the world to learn what they needed during the early days of the pandemic. “Overwhelmingly, they requested more personal protective equipment,” he recalls. “So, in 2021, we began producing overalls, aprons, gloves, and masks, which we were able to get to medical facilities across the country. We were also able to export them to Europe and America. I was very thankful that my company could help people in this way during such a difficult time.”


As the pandemic continued, Akkuş says, he says that more Turkish people began spending time outside in nature. “I heard increasingly from friends and business associates that they were spending their weekends camping in order to relieve the stress. That’s why we implemented ecological villas in Izmir, our pilot region. The villas are resistant to earthquakes up to magnitude 12, very thankfully, and alongside each one is a beautiful little garden, which brings nature right up to the person’s doorstep. Relaxing this way can help more Turkish people and even foreign tourists to rejuvenate.”


While Akkuş is pleased with the contributions A&S Investment Holding has made to the medical and outdoor industries, he says that helping Turkey to lead the digital revolution is one of his biggest goals.


“I have spent a lot of time talking with computer scientists and engineers as well as business leaders, and the consensus has been that Turkey is ready to innovate more advancements in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology,” Akkuş states. “Our workforce is young and college-educated, and we have the brain power to be at the forefront of the tech that is going to mean big things for all sectors of business.”


To help Turkey develop its presence in the crypto space, A&S Investment Holding will activate “It is a digital money stock exchange that will be launched near the end of February,” Akkuş reveals. “This is very exciting for Turkey because it will be our first local and national blockchain cryptocurrency.”


Its ramifications are numerous. “We envision commission discounts, airdrop campaigns, new ICO processes, and trading competitions,” Akkuş states. “Additionally, through our Ascoin Invest Program, will be used to sponsor relevant departments that are working on blockchain technology. What this ultimately means is that young entrepreneurs will potentially have their projects financed. It may launch new ideas and make our world even more incredible.”


Today, Akkuş continues to meet with business leaders across industries in Turkey to learn what they need and how A&S Investment Holding can support them. “It’s an exciting time to invest in Turkey,” he says. “The country is growing, and our workforce is ready to show you what they can do. Watch for what happens in 2022 – you’re going to see some incredible advancements coming from Turkey that will change the world.”


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