/TRUiC is Rethinking How Businesses Name Their Brands

TRUiC is Rethinking How Businesses Name Their Brands

TRUiC, an information hub for entrepreneurs, is undertaking a new mission: showing businesses how (and why) to choose the right name for their brand. With the release of several new guides and materials, the company is looking to emphasize the power and importance of branding. TRUiC hopes that its guidance will help businesses across a wide variety of industries learn to navigate the fast-paced modern market.

Entrepreneurs Need the Right Tools

TRUiC has been a source of information for entrepreneurs since 2008, so this endeavor is right on track with the company’s intended purpose. As one TRUiC spokesperson put it, “This endeavor is a new evolution of our platform’s original aims: providing people with the knowledge and tools they need to build businesses.”

TRUiC realized that when it comes to starting a business, it can be daunting to learn how to work through state-specific formation and maintenance processes. TRUiC created the How to Start an LLC site to compile all the necessary knowledge in one location. The team believes that starting a business should be made easier so entrepreneurs don’t have to sweat the small stuff. 

The Importance of Finding the Right Name

As TRUiC states, it’s difficult to underestimate the importance of choosing the right brand name. From public perception to first impressions, from search results to marketing strategies, from audience to association – a name can determine a lot about a business or brand. 

Brand names should be chosen with the utmost care and a full awareness of their impact on many aspects of the business. As the case of Facebook/Meta has shown, it can be quite difficult to effect a major name change so late into the game; that’s why it’s critical to find the right name in the first place or early in the life of the business.

Creating a Great Brand Name

According to TRUiC, the best brand names tend to be short, memorable, pronounceable, creative, and unique. Great brand names go the extra distance of creating a desired experience for the client, conveying a message, mood, or atmosphere that the client can feel and understand from the name alone.

Great brand names can tell you what you need to know about a business without any other context. One great way to help people understand your business upfront is to incorporate the name of your industry into your brand name. This can also help with search rankings, memorability, accessibility, and more.

Brainstorming and Generating Ideas

Many businesses turn to business name generators to find a name for their business. This can be a great option for those that know what to look for, but as one TRUiC representative explained, “Name generators are most effective when you already have a starting point, something to work with.” That’s why they recommend brainstorming before consulting an online generator. When brainstorming business names, TRUiC recommends using activities such as freewriting, mind-mapping, and word associations to find interesting combinations and possibilities.

About TRUiC

TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) was created in 2008 by Nagabhushanam Peddi as a centralized hub for entrepreneurs featuring free tools and guides aimed at helping businesses. TRUiC has since become a $7 million company with over 40 employees. 

Over the course of the next few years, TRUiC plans to expand the scope of its mission even further. The team hopes to help thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses across the world to find their footing and direction in an ever-changing market.

Visit TRUiC’s How to Start an LLC website, which includes the business name generator, QR-code generator, all-encompassing business center, logo creator, and more. Contact TRUiC at info@truic.com.