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Celebrity Makeup Artist Roi Santos’ Epic MaxHealth Spread

  • Legendary makeup artist recreates the most iconic looks from the 1920s, 1950s, and 1980s – with a Filipino spin
  • Santos lands cover of MaxHealth Magazine a year before being named #1 makeup artist in the Bay Area
  • Celebrity clientele increases as Santos’ Instagram blows up with requests; fans also have access to the artist as social media continues to connect high-profile services with clients

From humble beginnings, Roi Santos developed a distinct style that caught the attention of Filipino celebrities

In June 2021, the world got to see the most iconic looks from the 1920s, 1950s, and 1980s, as interpreted by Filipino celebrity makeup artist Roi Santos.

Roi chose three stunning ethnically diverse models to recreate the key looks from his chosen decades, and it showcased historic beauty in a way US audiences had never before seen. The 1920s look featured a flapper girl, complete with curled bob and beads. The 1950s look evoked the spirit of Audrey Hepburn as seen in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. And the 1980s look was pure Tiffany, with bright colors and bold accessories – totally tubular!

The same month, Roi graced the cover of Outré Magazine, and in March of 2022, he hit the cover of Soeleish, which lauded him as the #1 makeup artist in the Bay Area. The celebrated cosmetologist has been recognized in countless newspapers and magazines in the Philippines for his work on various Filipino celebrities, but Roi has spent his entire career in California, and US media outlets are finally catching up.

Filipino media outlets that have featured articles about Roi include the Philippine Star Newspaper, Manila Bulletin Newspaper, Metro Superbrand (Metro.Style), GMA Network Philippines, Manila Times Newspaper, Bulgar Online Newspaper, Manila Standard Newspaper, Manila Inquirer Newspaper, and the Philippine Entertainment Portal ( US-based media includes Hype Magazine, Raynbow Affair, the FilAm, and the previously mentioned Soeleish, MaxHealth, and Outré magazines.

While American beauty-seekers may not be familiar with these Filipino media outlets, the collective subscriber base for the newspapers and magazines which have featured Roi numbers into the millions. For example, the Philippine Star is one of the Philippines’ most widely circulated newspapers, with an average daily circulation of 266,000 copies; and the Manila Times, founded in 1898, has a readership base of 2 million.

It’s no wonder that US sources are picking up on Roi’s popularity. He is a celebrity make-up artist but he actually started as a special-effects makeup artist, which showcases his wide range of ability and creativity. He has become a role model for young Filipino-Americans looking to get into the industry, and he is an active advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. He has done interviews with Push TV, the Wendy Lindo Show, and several of the aforementioned huge Filipino newspapers and magazines, such as the Manila Times.

As a teenager, after his family had immigrated to California from the Philippines, Roi suffered from cystic acne and was ruthlessly bullied because of it. He recalls visiting the Clinique beauty counter as a senior in high school, and from that point, his life was transformed. While he outgrew the acne, he never lost his fascination with cosmetics. He became a licensed cosmetologist and began building his reputation in the industry.

While working at Sephora, Roi encountered his first celebrity client, Rufa Mae Quinto. The Filipina comedic actress, star of multiple top-grossing films in the Philippines, was shopping for makeup, and Roi happened to recognize her. The two started a conversation and bonded over their shared heritage and love of makeup. Rufa invited Roi to L.A. to do her makeup, and a friendship was born. From there, Rufa introduced Roi to her circle of Filipina celebrities living in California, and from there, Roi established a portfolio of high-profile clientele.

Now, Roi is a full-time freelance makeup artist doing mostly beauty looks for Filipina actresses, politicians, and more – from movies to commercials to photoshoots, Roi offers his services both at home in San Mateo and at various on-location sets. He is currently planning a Masterclass, having selected a producer and director in April 2022, and he will use this platform to offer beauty tips and tricks. He also shares his latest looks with his thousands of fans on Instagram, where he receives many requests for bookings.

Roi is planning to eventually offer his own line of skincare and cosmetics. He is currently organizing a series of meet and greets where he’ll be signing copies of the magazines whose covers he has graced: MaxHealth, Outré, and Soeleish. He will be available for questions and answers to meet the demand of his many fans who have requested his expertise.

Roi currently accepts bookings through his Instagram:

Latest news about his upcoming projects: