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GRIT Uses the Blockchain to Make the Wild West Dangerous for Gamers

The saloon is full of smoke and the clink of bar glasses. Over in a secluded, dimly lit corner, you have one eye on your cards – junk, as usual – and one eye on the other Poker players, especially the guy with one eye, who always cheats. A crowd is forming around your table, drawn to the drama centered on the obscenely large wad of cash tossed haphazardly in the middle. One player folds, throwing his hand down in disgust before stalking off to the bar to nurse a drink. Another sticks it out before he, too, folds and sits back in resignation. Now it’s just you and the one-eyed man, who stares hard at you, trying to read your face and see if you’re bluffing. You stare right back at him, unreadable, and he finally caves, tossing down his cards and demanding that you show yours. You smile and simultaneously reveal your two pairs while reaching triumphantly for the pot. Before you can claim the money, however, the one-eyed man, outraged, whips out his pistol and starts firing. As an epic firefight begins in the game of GRIT, you dive behind the bar and prepare to fire right back…

With GRIT, Gala Games’ inaugural Web3 game on the Epic Games Store, we are reminded of just how far video games have come since they were invented decades ago. Up-close action, believable physics, and nonstop surprises combine to make a ride-or-die battle royale in the Wild West, where there were very few laws and danger was everywhere. 

GRIT is the culmination of the best of today’s technology, including decentralization, player ownership, and reward economies, but doesn’t cut out any of the gameplay that gaming enthusiasts crave. Matches in GRIT can be played in solo, duo, and squad modes. While the baseline feel of the game will be pretty familiar for royale fans, web3 brings some exciting changes to the genre.

Rather than microtransactions, you can actually own  your GRIT avatar. Will you be a sleazy bar owner? A corrupt sheriff? A bar girl who is a crack shot? Each Character has a totally unique assortment of characteristics and can be traded or saved just for you in your collection.  Each has specific attributes and perks as well, and if that’s not enough customization, the game features plenty of weapons to flesh out your gunslinger style. Rifles, carbines, pistols, and revolvers can all give you an advantage in a firefight, but choose wisely, as your opponent will be just as well-armed.

Then you step into the gritty (you know we had to say it) world of the Wild West, where no one is who they seem and hijacking a train is as common as buying a drink at a saloon. The scenario changes every time you play GRIT, and you can choose everything from Train Chase mode to Golden Horse to explore its state-of-the-art capabilities. Each game is nonstop adrenaline as you race out of banks you just robbed, face off against a lone gunman in the dusty streets of an old Western town, and chase your adversary across the top of a speeding train, firing and ducking bullets.

If, by some miracle, you survive a shootout with a gang of gunslingers, who use more than 400 old-school gun variations, you may be taken out by an ambush or an explosion set off with TNT. The number-one rule of GRIT is to never let down your guard – a deadly calamity can take you out at any moment. You may have won that Poker hand, but the guy whose horse you stole may have tracked you down and be waiting for you when you leave the saloon. Remember: in the Wild West, when the bullets start to fly, the doors and windows slam shut – you’re on your own.

GRIT is every gamer’s dream: twists and turns around every corner and realistic special effects that heighten the excitement. Team Grit is actually breaking ground here, as they are committed to utilizing Web3 technology to make video games that are accessible to the mainstream world of gaming.

“Here at Team GRIT, we are invested in this new ecosystem and see all the value that Web3 can bring to the gameplay experience,” says Jon Mavor, Chief Technical Officer at Team GRIT.  “We are excited to be working with Gala Games and by our presence on the Epic Games Store. Web3 will make players’ experiences in the Wild West even better.”

John Osvald, President of Games at Gala.Games, states, “Epic is a pioneer and visionary in the video game industry. Gala Games’ titles being available on the Epic Game Store brings legitimacy to this new genre of gaming.”

As the first Battle Royale blockchain game that Gala Games plans to launch, GRIT is proof that the gaming world is always ripe for innovation. Gala Games is already developing dozens of additional games, and each one will push the limits of what today’s technology can do for own-your-experience gaming entertainment.

For now, the focus in the gaming industry is on GRIT, which demands that its players be bold, quick thinking, and on their toes. So, if you’ve got the guts, grab your bandana, pull on a pair of boots, and get ready to fight for your life. This is the real Wild West.

GRIT is a core battle royale game built on the Unreal Engine with realistic action and nonstop surprises. Players need to ride and fight through towns, build the best Poker hands, and watch their back at every moment. To experience the action and fun of GRIT, please check out its website

Gala Games is a pioneer in Web3 entertainment, and with Epic Games Store’s 194+ million users, will bring Web3 games to the masses, exposing millions of gamers to this new entertainment genre.

Gynethia Sung
[email protected]