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Dallas Justice NOW Focused on Building Thriving Black Communities

Dallas Justice NOW is a Dallas based member-driven advocacy group of activists, researchers, and local leaders dedicated to making our city more just. They will do this via direct action, coalition building, and with the help of research, data, and science. These things actively combined will help build thriving black communities in Dallas. 

In an interview with Ndure Cain, Co-President of Dallas Justice NOW, Cain says, “The reforms needed to transform black communities include improving education, growing and empowering black businesses, and reducing welfare dependency.”

Access to Equal Education Facilities

It is critical to reduce the educational disparity between wealthy, white neighborhoods and the underserved black communities. Students in affluent neighborhoods have the opportunity to attend high-performing Dallas public schools or pricey private schools. Those in black communities are forced to attend failing public schools. We must demand better schools that are accountable in black communities. We deserve and expect access to equal education facilities. If DISD refuses to provide quality education, then we demand school choice. Increasing the opportunity to attend charter schools is another way to help end this disparity. 

Black Business Growth and Empowerment

A key component of thriving black neighborhoods are black owned businesses owned by local community members. Cain says, “We must build up and empower black owned businesses and encourage self-reliance within our community to build up a culture of ownership and wealth. We want thriving black neighborhoods with businesses owned by community members.” 

Growing the Black Workforce 

Gainful employment is a key to reducing welfare dependency. “We’re pushing a culture of work,” says Cain. He remarks that Dallas Justice Now has a commitment to helping Black individuals reclaim what has been stolen from them. “Our ancestors worked themselves to the bone to build this country. In fact, the very White House is built with our ancestors’ blood. Now it’s time to build something of our own and take our rightful place in society.

“We must stay woke and not fall prey to the traps and tricks that systemic racism has designed for us.”

The Work Ahead

Equal education, empowering black owned businesses, and growing the black workforce to abolish the low quality living of subsidized housing and poisonous food programs. We deserve more than that. A better education is a good building block to become a successful member of the workforce or entrepreneur or business owner. Without this foundation, there are minimal opportunities available. Successful black businesses also provide jobs and opportunities within the community. 

Social reform in all three areas is required to achieve the change we are hoping to see. Community activism is required to build thriving black neighborhoods. The path to achieving these reforms is through direct action, coalition building, and research, data, and science. 

Direct action can include calling officials, rallying, and protesting to promote public awareness of the changes needed in the black communities. Also, hold accountable so called liberals who claim to support communities of color, but actually continue to propagate white privilege by prohibiting black children from attending schools in their neighborhoods and making any consequential sacrifices when called upon. Instead of doing battle with them, we want to activate our friends among liberals and push them to do their part.

Coalition building can include forming relationships with church leaders, activists, and elected officials to embrace the reform we are hoping to see. We will also be publishing detailed papers on the actions taken to achieve these goals. 

Ndure has high hopes for Dallas Justice NOW and the future of Dallas. Cain says, “I look forward to building a broad coalition to make our city more just for marginalized communities.”
To support the social reforms championed by Dallas Justice NOW, visit or contact [email protected] for more information.