/Sweet Rehab, SoHo’s Maker of Premium French Desserts, Adds Cookies, Brunch & Champagne to Menu

Sweet Rehab, SoHo’s Maker of Premium French Desserts, Adds Cookies, Brunch & Champagne to Menu

New Yorkers and online lovers of French cuisine will now have more nourriture to fill their plates. Sweet Rehab, the high-end patisserie opened by French Executive Chef David Zaquine, has revealed the launch of their new gourmet cookie line. Having earned much traction and popularity because of their cookies, the Chefs decided that it was only fair to start offering a larger, more intricate selection to satisfy their customers’ sweets addiction. On top of that, the bakery has announced a soon-to-be released brunch menu on the weekends, which they say will fit perfectly with their French champagne and caviar/truffle madeleines. 

Sweet Rehab first opened in January 2020, and despite the pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, it quickly found an enthusiastic customer base of Sweet Addicts. Behind its popularity is the ability of customers to watch as French Michelin-star trained Chefs prepare each order “a la minute” (right from scratch). 

“We offer an immersive, culinary, and cultural experience,” says Chef David. “‘Dessert’ is a universal language that speaks to everybody. It’s a lot of fun for people to watch as we roll the dough, chop up ingredients, pour melted ganaches, and sprinkle sugar on meringues. We get a lot of questions about recipes, so we may offer a few master classes down the road.”

With Sweet Rehab firmly launched in SoHo and online, Chef David and Operations Director, Anne Hirsch share their enthusiasm for the launch of their special line of cookies. “Soon after we first opened Sweet Rehab, we discovered how much people loved our cookies – customers would order them in bulk and even come from out of state to purchase them. We knew we had to capitalize on this opportunity, and now that we finally can, we are so happy to share with you what we’ve been working on,” Anne explains. 

Chef David says that the mission for this new line is to make cookie-based desserts a fine dining experience. “All creations represent my vision of a French dessert cookie; we use classic French dessert flavors, such as the vanilla mille feuille and the tartelette framboise, and combine them with a cookie base. My ultimate goal with this line is to transform something as simple as a cookie into a fine-dining, plated dessert experience.”

On the menu are the classics, including chocolate chip and white chocolate pistachio, as well as gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options. More compelling is the array of fancy Parisian dessert-flavored options, such as the lemon, yuzu, pistachio, and meringue cookie. Additionally, the company offers a few options with Sweet Rehab’s emblematic flavors; their best seller is “Le Miel”, a combination of orange blossom, pistachio, and honey. Chef David also explains that the menu will change throughout the year to respect the seasonal fruits. “In the summertime, for instance, we will offer more refreshing flavors, such as peach and watermelon.”

Customers are also able to buy frozen cookies that can be baked at home with the help of a detailed, step-by-step guide. “We offer six different flavors of cookie dough in different sized packs – ten, thirty, and fifty – and I can personally guarantee that the smell of our triple chocolate chunk cookies in your oven will be unforgettable,” Chef David cheerfully says.

The company has also started to expand its drinks menu and is now offering French champagne and wine options to pair with desserts. Its champagne selection mirrors its luxury upscale image perfectly and includes Dom Pérignon, Ruinart, and Cristal. 

“This new development has been a lot of fun for our customers,” Anne states. “Perfectly matching the taste and texture of a dessert with that of a champagne and/or wine is an exciting form of art I passionately enjoy sharing.”  

With this expansion, Chef David announces that starting this summer, Sweet Rehab will be offering a brunch menu on the weekends. “We will have a few crafted menus that will include delicacies such as scrambled truffle eggs, caviar and salmon blinis, viennoiserie/bread baskets, and, of course, Ruinart and Dom Pérignon champagne to accompany every step of the course.” Executive Baker Chef Antoine Bernard shares that he plans to create a different flavored viennoiserie every weekend, which he assures “will surprise everyone.”

“Until then, we will continue our efforts to offer a curated and luxurious dining experience with decadent desserts and premium, blended, fragrant teas that delight our patrons,” Chef David says. “We carry over thirty different blends from Mariage Frères, France’s oldest and most iconic purveyor of fine tea.”

Chef David and the rest of his team express their gratitude towards the fact that so many people are interested in the rich culinary traditions of France. “Every day, we meet individuals who want to know more about the French “savoir-faire”, and it is with honor that we educate their palate while introducing the finest and most delicate creams, chocolates, doughs, and more that our beautiful country has to offer.”

Sweet Rehab, located in the heart of Soho, New York, opened in January 2020 and is a luxurious French patisserie known for its minute-made desserts, truffle and caviar madeleines, and range of upscale champagnes and Mariage Frères tea. It has an open kitchen, allowing customers to see the Chefs preparing their desserts on the spot in front of them. The Chefs at Sweet Rehab have over fifteen years of experience and have all been trained in highly respected Michelin-star palaces, restaurants and hotels in France and New York. Sweet Rehab is open until midnight and offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

For more information on Sweet Rehab, please see its website or contact:

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