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Finance Lobby’s Digital Marketplace Solves One of Commercial Real Estate’s Biggest Problems

The commercial real estate lending industry is outdated and inefficient. It relies on lenders and brokers making dozens of phone calls, sorting through lengthy documents to find important information and wasting time pursuing dead-end deals. With Finance Lobby, those inefficiencies are a thing of the past.

Finance Lobby has developed revolutionary new technology that will change the commercial real estate lending industry. Lenders specify their criteria, so they only see deals for properties that work for them, and brokers provide all the borrower’s data upfront to ensure the lender makes a competitive soft quote the first time, every time. 

Lenders are then exposed to every deal in their market, making sure they never miss a deal again. Finance Lobby is the deal-finding, close-rate boosting, time-saving marketplace for commercial real estate lenders and brokers. 

This solution is much like the hugely popular rideshare apps that most of us have used, such as Uber, Lyft, or some other service.  A big part of the reason they’re popular is simple: convenience. Instead of doing the busy work of finding ways to get from A to B with our own means, rideshare apps create a simple marketplace that makes this happen automatically, reducing the amount of search work and strategizing you need to do to find your way. Once you’ve found your ride, you can sit back, relax, and focus on other things.

Take the rideshare app analogy and translate it to commercial real estate. In the real estate world, buyers, sellers, and brokers are constantly looking for each other to find a perfect fit. Unlike the process of trying to find a car, however, the details for finding a perfect loan for your business can be more complicated. 

This is why Finance Lobby has such a powerful niche in the commercial real estate world. Finance Lobby is an online marketplace for commercial real estate lending that makes it easy for commercial lenders and commercial mortgage brokers to find and close on perfect-fit deals… and it takes a huge amount of logistics and vetting to work out the process. Just like a rideshare app.

Finance Lobby CMO Kelly Wagman explains,

“Digital marketplaces are changing the way we purchase everything from cars to homes to vacations. And now, they’re shaking up the commercial real estate world, too.”

Wagman continues,

“We already have 1,750 lenders on the Finance Lobby marketplace, covering every state and county in the U.S. Now, brokers can find competitive quotes from numerous sources and lenders have access to a virtually unlimited number of prospects all in one place.”
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