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Kaaba Luum Redefines Sustainable Luxury for Tulum Travelers

Kaaba Luum, in the Mayan language, translates to “Earth’s Origin.” This phrase is the name and foundation on which the upcoming eco-luxury lodge maintains its priorities. Residing in residential Aldea Coral, Kaaba Luum is on the first of several phases of its development. With over 500 acres of protected jungle, the property is eco-friendly, built on only 15% of the total surface area of its property, leaving 85% of the local wildlife untouched in the process of its development. The resort offers sustainable services such as biodigesters in order to avoid pollution production.

The developers of Kaaba Luum have been working exclusively with traditional and indigenous materials such as Mayan stone and palapa thatch roofing. “We have a deep level of reverence for the land and the harmony we wish to create with all the living things on and around it. We have worked hard to prove this sentiment through our actions, not just our mission statement, ” explains Andrew Evans, owner of Kaaba Luum. The resort offers sustainable services such as biodigesters in order to avoid pollution production, uses local chukum tree instead of traditional concrete, zapote wood for the decks, hand cut mayan stone and built almost entirely by Mayan hands with no heavy machinery to protect the natural land. 

“We are thrilled to see each of our four villas taking shape on 400 square meters of land,” Nicole Thrumbo, on behalf of Kaaba Luum, states. “Each one will have 2 bedrooms, 2 queen sofa pullouts (for a combined total of 4 beds, 3 full baths, kitchen and living space, and a private terrace and pool.” The resort intends to feature little to no outside noise and light pollution and was built by native Mayans. “We really wanted to keep everything traditional and locally sourced.”

The developers of the resort have expressed that they hope to unify the land and its community in a way that allows for potential visitors to experience the natural beauty of the Mayan jungles. More than 150 different species of exotic animals make this community their home, such as toucans, deer, monkeys and an array of colorful butterflies. The residential areas of Tulum, Mexico, specifically Aldea Coral, are surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna, as well as rivers, caves, jungles that carve the landscape into naturally forming cenotes (natural wells, formed by the collapse of surface limestone that exposes groundwater underneath). 

“Our mission” explains Nicole, “is to pay homage to our past, connect to the vision of our future, and hold our community tight in the delight of the present moment. Our goal is to create experiences that foster joy, creativity, and a deep connection to oneself and community.”

As Kaaba Luum finishes phase one of their development, the founders are sticking to their desire to maintain Mayan influence, by holding Temescal ceremonies, offer sound healing classes, and copal burning meditations on-site. Off-site adventures continue through Mayan ruin tours, visitations to monkey sanctuaries, and private cenote bookings.

Tulum, Mexico is in the process of constructing its first local airport, expected to be complete in 2023 and will be closely located to the city of Muyil (Chunyaxche). Kaaba Luum hopes will see a rise in tourism after the completion of this airport and is working to become a talked-about travel destination in the competitive marketplace of luxury resorts and lodging in Mexico.

“Our resort will benefit from the development of Tulum’s airport,” says Nicole. “Up until now, the closest way to get to Aldea Coral is through the Cancun airport. It’s the only major airport in the region, but it’s over an hour and a half away from Tulum.” Those involved in the development of this airport have chosen to focus on the economic prosperity it will offer the region, bringing tourism and travelers closer to Kaaba Luum. The ecological steps that are being taken to protect the landscape are the most important aspects in development to the resort founders.

As developments for Kaaba Luum continue, new expansions will be seen in the next phases of their growth. These additions include a restaurant and morning café. They continue to keep an eco-friendly standard for each new project launched in an effort to maintain the natural beauty of the Mayan jungles. With a centered purpose of creating space for transformational events,  Kaaba Luum will be an exquisite hotel and a home for leaders and their tribes.