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“Networking is Everything,” Adam Farfan on his Amazing Track Record of influence and possibilities. 

Los Angeles, CA– Adam Farfan has been in the financial industry for over 20 years he has always been using this leadership formula that has brought extremely high success to the clients he’s had and companies that he has done business with. These methods have simplified the learning curve of everyday people to do exactly what his ultra-wealthy clients have done with the tax-free financial plan (TFFP), originally created only for the wealthy, Adam Farfan now offers these proven methods to everyday people with a net worth under $1M to help them shelter their money tax-free, protect against loss and lawsuits in some cases, and build generational wealth.

With three successful exits and two decades of experience, Adam Farfan is an excellent resource for maintaining good finances. But Adam also believes that in order to have financial success these 3 keys are a must for your success in overall life; god, family, and business. 

Adam speaks about a few things that bring success to the people around him. 

Business Financial Growth

In approaching financial growth, Adam’s first step is to assess the quality of your accounting, budgeting, and self-auditing. Who is doing your accounting and bookkeeping? Is someone of a different specialization better suited? 

“It’s key for someone to help you achieve your financial goals by the habits spending,”  Adam says.“In order to grow your company weekly or daily measuring is a must.”

Create a chart that shows you a basic form of your EBITDA. EBITDA is a measure of a company’s profitability, so higher is generally better. From an investor’s point of view, a “good” EBITDA is one that provides additional perspective on a company’s performance without making anyone forget that the metric excludes cash outlays for interest and taxes as well as the eventual cost of replacing it’s tangible assets.

Adam also provides focuses on systematizing your financial eco-system, budgeting, and ensuring you have appropriate categories. This way you can rest assured that your data is usable and verifiable, also incredibly important to have “the end in mind” which is a successful exit. 

Providing guidance on proper financial reporting, Adam helps find plans to use to measure your growth. Tracking finances through statements is essential, as well as employing strategic planning and budgeting utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs) and operating metrics.

Key Tips to Running a Company

In providing guidance on running a company, Adam observes and possibly employs clear compensation planning and growth mode strategies. Providing guidance on properly instituting bonuses, building staff bonus plans, and tiered structures, Adam uses KPIs to measure non-revenue generating team members, overrides sales commission, and other factors. He also employs equity structures based on value created by a team member or partner.

Introducing TFFP! What is the Tax-Free Financial Plan?

As the founder of the financial strategy -TFFP (Tax-Free Financial Plan), a simple yet powerful concept-strategy that helps people achieve financial freedom, he has partnered up with some of the largest corporations in the world to help and mentor clients about these programs. By utilizing major companies to help his clients minimize taxes and risk from losing in down markets as well as sheltering from any lawsuits, Adam is giving a guide to greater economic mobility.

“My goal is for everyone in America to achieve financial literacy,” Adam says, “I’m taking what I’ve learned after decades in finance, working with many different approaches and industries under my wing.” 

Adam assists clients in diversifying funds between applicable tax-free investments, these clients often have regular investments such as 401(k)/403(b), Traditional IRA/Roth IRA, Municipal Bonds, Tax-free Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), and US Series I Savings Bonds. 

By balancing this with capable guaranteed ventures, Adam is helping clients through coaching and mentoring is helping them take advantage of available legal resources to grow their income to the best of their ability and realize their full professional potential.

Mentorship and Expanding Brands

Having been mentored by some of the best minds in the business world today, Adam Farfan has utilized his experience and talent in finance to ensure the highest and most positive influence and return for clients seeking his services. By utilizing his team skills in accounting, business, and finance, Adam helps clients reach their true full potential.

Adam has explained, “I know mentorship is everything, which is why I gathered some of my closest friends, millionaires, billionaires, best-selling authors, speakers, and serial entrepreneurs, brought them to my house in Hollywood Hills, and started a series of videos, interviews, and Live calls so my clients and students can learn from the very best. I know that mentorship and associations are the keys to success, which is why I made financial literacy so accessible and extremely affordable for any of my clients, regardless of their budget.

Adam truly has a passion for helping others, it’s extremely uplifting and inspiring to have entrepreneurs in a world like this who want to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Adam is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Adam owns and operates a variety of privately held companies and has built millions of dollars in revenue for his clients and agents in the financial services industry. With over two decades of experience, Adam has directly consulted for sales divisions of INC 5000 to Fortune 500 companies. His expertise in the global life insurance market, annuity, and investment knowledge has made him a highly sought-after professional and thought leader. Adam’s greatest passion is building leaders and successful entrepreneurs, to-date he has mentored dozens of start-up founders and has created over $500M in value. Finally, when not enjoying life globe-trotting or throwing lavish parties in the Hollywood Hills, Adam always finds a way to contribute to people’s personal development regardless of their history. 

To learn more, about the TFFP or how to work with Adam, contact [email protected]