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Betterbrand Named “Golden Ticket” winner by KeHE Distributors 

San Antonio, TX – Health and wellness company Betterbrand was awarded the “Golden Ticket” title by KeHE Distributors (KeHE), one of the largest fresh, natural, organic, and specialty distributors in North America. KeHe announced the honor during its 2022 TrendFinder Event, which featured over 250 companies pitching products to the KeHe Category Management Team. Winners were selected based upon factors such as ingredients, innovation, taste, scalability, packaging, and more.

Only 40 products were selected at the event, including Betterbrand, which now joins the distribution company’s extensive portfolio. This will provide Betterbrand with heightened promotional exposure and opens up the opportunity to be sold at 30,000 retail locations throughout the US.

CEO and co-founder of Betterbrand Dr. Chris Jackson, a doctor of pharmacy, said that the award was crucial for the company’s current plans for expansion. “The opportunities provided to Betterbrand as a result of KeHE’s ‘Golden Ticket’ are tremendous,” said Dr. Jackson. “Given the number of suppliers in contention for the 40 tickets, we’re extremely honored that KeHE saw the merit in our products and selected us as a recipient.”

Betterbrand creates all natural supplements for energy, mental acuity, and lung health. All supplements, which are developed by Dr. Jackson, are thoroughly researched, backed by data, and tested for safety by independent laboratories.

In addition, Betterbrand has a medical advisory board consisting of Dr. Jackson (PharmD), who has published several research projects to advance the use of rapid diagnostics in the field of infectious disease; Dr. Lukas S. Vogel (MD), who specializes in psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and rehabilitation; Dr. Helge G. Bischoff (MD), a managing senior physician for thoracic oncology and current head of the institute of the renowned lung cancer center in Heidelberg, Germany; Dr. Matthew Kanaan (MD), a Board-Certified Sports Medicine Physician; and Dr. Nathan Tanoue (MD), a General Surgeon.

Betterbrand’s respiratory system began with BetterLungs, which helps to clear mucus, naturally minimize coughing, enhance airway and lung health, and provide seasonal sinus and bronchial support. Natural ingredients include Mullein Leaf (to clear mucus and soothe a sore throat); Elderberry (for immune support), French Maritime Pine Bark (to clear congestion and support the lungs, heart, and skin); Red Reishi (an immune booster); Vitamin D (for respiratory and immune health); L-Cysteine (to detoxify lungs); and American Ginseng (to resist stressors and boost athletic performance.

Recently, Betterbrand teamed up with Kyowa Hakko, a Japan-based international developer of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, to release IMMUSE LC-Plasma, a postbiotic backed by 27 studies, including 12 clinical trials comprising 10 efficacy studies and two safety studies. IMMUNE is designed to stimulate the body’s natural defenses by activating plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs). These pDCs activate other immune cells, such as NK, killer-T, helper-T, and B cells, that play crucial roles in regular immune function.

Betterbrand also offers nootropic and mental acuity products, such as BetterFocus, to support elevated focus and mood, promote energy, and help with memory, recall, and stress management; the hangover remedy BetterMorning, which fights nausea and headaches, supports liver detoxification, and replenishes vitamins; and BetterMushrooms, to promote mental clarity and calmness, support gut health, boost immunity, and elevate energy and focus.

Betterbrand was founded in 2019 by Dr. Chris Jackson, a doctor of pharmacy. His background as a combat medic and infantry officer in the U.S. Army created a desire to help and heal others, as did his family history of respiratory health issues. “The only two things the healthcare system cures are infections and cancer, and we do a horrible job at curing cancer,” says Dr. Jackson. “Since everything was managing healthcare, I wanted to do that on the ‘natural’ side of things with supplements.”

BetterLungs is sold in CVS, Walgreens, and GNC locations nationwide. “We only win if we win together,” says Dr. Jackson. “This isn’t a one-man show – no one gets left behind.” He says his team has been the difference between success and failure and have been integral to the expansion of the company.

Better Brand is a health and wellness company that provides a variety of natural supplements designed to assist with lung health, immunity, stress management, and more with a line of novel all-natural products.


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