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Sophia Suraya Shares How to Achieve Energetic Balance Throughout Holiday Stress

Sophia Suraya, life coach and energy healer, serves clients through her company Infinity Healing. She often gets complaints that her clients are overwhelmed with stress during the busy holiday season, so she has created an easy list of steps to become energetically balanced during this time of year.

“I will sound like a broken record if I say that the holiday season is a stressful one for all of us,” she says. “It’s one of the most stressful times of the year – yet also one of the most joyous, enjoyable, and loving as well.” She says that it is possible to remove the experience of stress, and exist in a state of happiness and joy. Below are her recommended steps that she personally follows in her daily routine. She invites everyone to try these steps this Christmas, and hopes that anyone reading these steps will reach out to her to share their results.

Start with “You Time”

“Start your day with 5 minutes of time for yourself,” says Sophia. “This means that when you first wake up, don’t roll over and look at your phone. Absolutely not!”


Instead, she advises taking three deep breaths through your nostrils, feeling it down through your lungs into your diaphragm, expanding and opening up your lungs. Then exhale through your mouth. Do this three times. Did you know that deep breaths eliminate the energy of “anxiety”?

Ground Yourself

Then, ground your feet. “This means sit up in bed, put your feet on the floor, and ground yourself with the earth,” Sophia says. “Align yourself that the entire day you are sure, assertive, and confident. This is called your Root Energy Centre – your foundation chakra.” 

Release Energy

Next, she says, ensure that your shoulders are straight and that you’re not slouching. Move your neck around side to side, releasing any energy that is not yours and not serving your best by saying the following affirmations:

“As a being of light, it is my intention to be in alignment with my purpose and release all that is not for me, and release all energies that are dead and dying.”

Sophia adds that all humans are 99% energy. “We are 99% water, one percent matter,” she says. “Water is energy; water is life.”

Set Goals

Last, but definitely not the least, set attainable and realistic intentions for your day. This could be something like the following:

“I am successful. My intention is to succeed in all aspects of my business today, tomorrow, and forever.”

The second intention could be something such as, “I am happy”. By setting up this intention, you are reprogramming your mind and your body to release energies of depression, and anxiety. These intentions could be as simple as, I am love, I’m happy, I’m compassionate – or whatever it is that you desire.

Now, begin your day, knowing that you have co-created your perfect day and a day where the 99.9% of your energy will work for you and your best.

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