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WS Capital Series Fund and Owner Thomas Signorelli Announce $14MM Funding


Florida–Fresh off its recent announcements regarding its platform adjustments, WS Capital Series Fund LLC (WS Capital), an alternative investment fund focused on acquiring private debt assets, and Owner Tom Signorelli have revealed the funding of a $14MM manufacturing contract in the food service industry. 

“This is especially significant for WS Capital because providing liquidity and fixed asset finance to the consumer product space is our primary initiative,” Signorelli states. “Consequently, when we finance a company in our heritage space, it’s an extra badge of honor for us. The economy is at a crucial point, and consumer products related to food manufacturing will do well going forward.”

WS Capital has also reported the funding of two healthcare properties: the Pathways Family Medical Center in Oakdale, California, and a holistic treatment center’s real estate acquisition in Lake Worth, Florida. Signorelli says that the two closings added an additional $12MM to its portfolio and represent the first stage of the company’s plans for investing in medical centers. 

“Over the past year, we did a lot of research into properties across the United States as well as banks we could partner with,” he explains. “Once we identified both, we knew we were ready to launch our healthcare finance group.”

With its new division established, WS Capital has turned its attention to closing on a large group of surgery centers. “We are using this opportunity to expand our portfolio and carry the momentum of 2022 into the new year,” says Signorelli. “We are pleased about the growth of WS Capital and about our ability to offer potential investors assets that are diverse and flexible.”

The company’s plans for 2023 will include laying approximately 18 wells in the ground in the Marcellus Basin, located in the Eastern United States. The company has taken a $15MM position in oil and natural gas and is partnering with an operator to develop the wells. Additionally, WS Capital will continue to assist its middle-market borrowers and investors with the $100MM in corporate financings it placed with Qenta Bank.

“2023 will be a pivotal year for WS Capital,” Signorelli believes. “We will remain focused on offering our valued clients intriguing investments that can diversify and grow their own portfolios.”

WS Capital Series Fund, LLC’s mission is to ensure that its clients are able to not only operate but flourish amidst the uncertainties and fluctuations of the financial space. WS Capital is known for the dedication and support it gives its clients through its team of vetted, highly experienced financial experts. WS Capital provides funding products that are efficient, creative, approachable, and flexible, and its commitment to speed and detail means it serves a broad client base with equal attention and diligence. WS Capital remains committed to efficiently addressing the commercial credit needs of middle-market borrowers and investors.

For more information about WS Capital Series Fund, LLC, please see its website or contact:

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