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Techvestor Enters Fund 2, Expanding Its Large STR Portfolio Across America

Real estate investments have been around since the early 1800s, so it is hard for anything to happen that gets the attention of investors. However, with the announcement that Techvestor has raised over $37MM, added 75+ STR properties to its portfolio, and is now preparing to expand in 2023, they now have something intriguing to consider: a new form of passive investments in short-term real estate.

Co-founded by COO Sabrina Guler and CEO Sief Khafagi, Techvestor is proving that there is always a new take on an old story, one that improves upon it. The company is succeeding because its leaders have created a proprietary rental platform that analyzes over 18MM data points each month. The goal is to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible about STR investments by deciding who, what, where, when, how, and if an investment should occur. This use of data has resulted in 100K properties underwritten monthly and the ability of Techvestor to be more than just a company – it is a one-stop shop for investing and sourcing, designing, and managing properties. 

The story of Techvestor and its founders 

Before designing a company that allows busy professionals to passively invest in “Airbnbs,” Guler and Khafagi worked at Apple and Facebook, respectively, where they had promising careers. 

Guler loved her job as Apple’s Engineering Project Manager for the Airpods product line and dedicated herself to growing it into a multibillion-dollar revenue stream.

“At night and on the weekends, however, I had a great hobby: I was teaching myself to invest in single-family homes,” Guler says. “I then redesigned them into Airbnb rental properties and made an excellent profit.”

Guler knew many who were interested in STR investments but were wary of getting started. The process of identifying the right property, designing it, and operating it so that it would generate revenue was overwhelming for them. These obstacles meant that people were locked out of potential income for themselves.

The 16-point strategy, business structure, and software behind Techvestor

“Our people and our team are one of our biggest competitive advantages. Our team was purposely built, recruited and assembled and is one of the top reasons we’re able to outperform day in and day out for our investors,” says Khafagi. Guler and Khafagi also built a vertically integrated operating structure with acquisition, design, property management, revenue management, and operations all under the same roof.

Techvestor’s software was designed to identify the right properties to be added to the company’s portfolio. Khafagi explains that its algorithms mean they know what to buy, where to buy it, how to finance it, how to operate it, if the property is in a sustainable market, and what realistic growth looks like.

Guler adds that Techvestor also provides a little perk for investors: Owner Stays. “If you are an owner, we believe that you should stay like one,” she says. “As an investor, you can stay at any property, at any time, for 10-30% off normal rates. We appreciate our investors and want them to have fun at our properties around the United States.”

The success that Techvestor has experienced since its launch

With over $36MM from 250+ investors and 75+ properties across 10+ markets, Techvestor is accomplishing the goals that Guler and Khafagi set for it. 

“We are beating our revenue projections 96% of the time, and we have 52% more revenue than our competitors across our portfolio,” Khafagi maintains. “With a 38% higher occupancy rate for our properties, we are very optimistic about where Techvestor is taking the short-term rental industry.”

Their larger mission is for Techvestor to become one of the largest institutional STR operators in the world, with a focus on hospitality and ensuring that they’re contributing to communities. 

The future of Techvestor and STR investments

“2023 will offer more opportunities to be in short-term rentals,” Guler believes. “STRs are a new market that is emerging right when more people want the freedom to work from anywhere and with greater privacy. This is translating into a lot of interest in Techvestor’s portfolio. We’re excited about where this is headed.”