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The Museum of Digital Experiences in Brooklyn is Using the Latest Development in AI Art Technology

Brooklyn, New York– In a world, post-pandemic, one industry that has suffered the most glaringly is the art community. Museums have closed their doors, leading a multitude of artists left without funding and buyers. However, with this new-age of modern technology and art spaces reopening to the public, one Museum is geering up for its grand opening, hoping to change the industry entirely.

The Museum of Digital Experiences is a space focused around artists from all over the world and the community it works to serve. The brand has announced that as it prepares for its grand opening event, it currently offers 14 immersive art exhibits for its viewers, as it hopes to stand out in the bustling and ever-changing art-world of New York City. 

The art world is being revolutionized by interactive art, which gives creators a fresh and exciting method to interact with audiences. Technology’s continued advancement is giving artists the chance to provide viewers a more immersive experience. Artists are able to produce works of art that not only interest the viewer but also respond to them by utilizing interactive technology, such as motion sensors, audio, and even augmented reality. With interactive art, the viewer has an active role in the creation process rather than merely being a passive observer.

The pieces of art displayed at the Museum’s showrooms were created using the most recent developments in coding, creativity, artificial intelligence, and advanced regenerative computing. The Museum of Digital Experiences’ exhibitions are all fully interactive, giving visitors a fresh and cutting-edge perspective on the worlds of art and design.

Founder Shaiful Chowdhury explains his motivation behind creating The MoDE:

“My vision for The MoDE was to create a space that not only showcases beautiful artwork, but also serves as a sanctuary for visitors to find solace and inner peace,” explains Shaiful Chowdhury, Founder of The MoDE. “I realized that happiness is a universal pursuit and through our curated art exhibits, we aim to provide a sense of tranquility and mental clarity for all visitors to experience and engage with.”

Interactive art is a fairly recent development in the playspace of art within New York City communities. From interactive walls to free-flowing installations, The Museum of Digital Art is excited for its newest showcases and updates. Through these digital and physical installations, visitors can participate in activities that play with light and sound. 

Chowdhury and his co-founder, Eddie Yang are both beyond excited for the upcoming grand opening (exact date TBD). After months of preparation and anticipation, it’s finally time to welcome the public to their collaborative project. There is so much to share and explore, that they can hardly contain their enthusiasm. From the beautiful artwork, to the interactive exhibits and educational activities, they have worked hard to create an immersive experience for museum goers. 

With the world having changed so greatly since the pandemic, and continuing to change every day, the art institutes of New York have needed to expand their horizons when it comes to their showcases and featured exhibits. With The Museum of Digital Experience’s latest updates, this brand hopes to continue making a name for itself in Brooklyn.

The Museum of Digital Experiences is an interactive art showcase located in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn, NY. The artspace is excited to be a host to new art exhibits and works to develop immersive experiences for its patrons. 

Their current regular weekly hours are as follows:

Thursday-Friday: 4:00 PM  – 9:00 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM, with a final show starting at 8:30PM

For more information regarding The MoDE, see their website.

Shaiful Chowdhury

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Instagram @themuseumofdigitalexperiences