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AN Global Consulting to Present Programs for Franchising and Expanding Businesses in U.S. at Mexico City Expo

DALLAS, TX–AN Global Consulting (“AN Global”), which offers a unique franchise opportunity as a package that includes Business Sales, Franchise Development, and Growth & Turnaround, has announced it will be presenting at the International Expo Mexico City. From March 2-4, 2023, Founder Avinash Nichkawde, a Chartered Accountant/International Business Consultant, and other AN Global representatives will help attendees understand how they can expand their companies by franchising as well as create new, intriguing career opportunities for themselves by purchasing a franchise. AN Global will also be discussing potential visa options, including the EB-5 visa, for Mexican companies interested in expanding into the U.S. 

Avinash explains that today’s franchise landscape, particularly for franchisees, is much stronger than it was only a few years ago because the old rulebook has been thrown out. 

“At AN Global, we have developed a new playbook that brings franchising into the 21st   century,” he says. “We have kept what works, discarded what doesn’t, and added our own strategies for success as a franchise owner.”

AN Global’s franchise program still prioritizes the franchisee’s ability to leverage a proven business model; receive training and support from the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas; and benefit from the franchisor’s marketing and advertising efforts. It also values a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace, its innovative products or services, and its strong brand recognition.

What is different, Avinash explains, are the strategies that AN Global has incorporated in its franchise program. “Perhaps the most impactful is the fact that our franchise opportunities come with no territory restrictions,” he says. “Normally, a franchisee cannot sell outside of a specific region without the written consent of the franchisor. We felt this limited the potential of franchisees, so we eliminated this rule.”

AN Global also prioritizes franchises that are in established industries, feeling that this can potentially make it easier for a new owner to create a customer base. The team looks for operations that are well-known locally but that have global income potential.

“What this ultimately means is that the franchisee can take their business as far as they would like,” Avinash says. “If they prefer to have a small, regional franchise, they can do that. If they dream of going international, they have that possibility, too. And, remember that once they are comfortable with owning a franchise, they can purchase an additional one and have multiple revenue streams.” 

Additionally, AN Global is offering Mexican companies the opportunity to expand their operations into the USA through investment-based visas, including the EB-5 visa, and other relevant visa options. “We are excited about helping people to bring their businesses to the United States,” says Avinash. “To ensure legal compliance and support, we have partnered with experienced immigration attorneys.”

AN Global invites anyone who is interested in having a franchising career that is flexible and fulfilling to stop by their table at International Expo Mexico City.

AN Global Consulting will also be presenting at the Vancouver Expo from April 1-2, 2023; International Franchise Expo London from April 14-15, 2023; and Chicago Expo from April 22-23, 2023. Attendees are invited to stop by to talk with Founder Avinash Nichkawde to learn more about AN Global, including its six divisions: AN Global Franchise, Business Sales M&A, Consulting Services, Technology Solutions, Education & Training, and Business Migration. 

For more information about AN Global, its franchises, and its out-of-the-box, customized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, please see its website or contact:

Mr. Avinash Nichkawde, AN Global


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