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Tech Girl–Working to Raise the Number of Female Tech Founders

Austin, Texas– Tech Girl, a platform designed to support female and nonbinary tech founders on their entrepreneurial journey, is gearing up to launch its exclusive early access preview at SXSW in March 2023.  Tech Girl’s focus is to gather a community of first-time women founders of tech startups and empower their success in a predominantly male industry.

A mission to find and support women founders in tech 

According to recent reports, women make up a very small fraction of the technology workforce. According to the latest Pitchbook report, businesses in the United States with an all-female founder base raised just 1.9% of all venture capital in 2022. That number is even smaller when race is factored in with Black and Latina women raising less than 0.05% each. Even with advances in bias awareness and gender diversity training in the workplace over the last decade, it is incredibly evident just how small the number of female founders is compared to men. The platform’s launch, which will offer exclusive access to Austin founders at South By Southwest (SXSW), is one giant step in the right direction for the tech industry as a whole. The Tech Girl platform leverages technology and strategic partnerships to enable female founders to build authentic and meaningful connections in the startup ecosystem. It offers women a space to engage with other founders and will also allow them to gain critical access to the tools, resources and human capital required to launch their startups in the tech ecosystem.  

A new approach to supporting female entrepreneurs

“Women often take themselves out of the running long before the fundraising stage of a startup.  Additionally, there are often limited resources available for female entrepreneurs, including access to capital, mentorships, and networks—all of which can increase success rates. This lack of support can lead women to believe they cannot compete with their male peers, and it can easily deter them from pursuing startup opportunities altogether,” explains CEO and Cofounder, Rajul Kadakia. 

Tech Girl will provide female tech founders with a comprehensive range of resources to help them launch and grow their tech startups. The platform will connect founders with near-peer mentors and strategic advisors for access to guidance and support as well as offer a comprehensive and tailored curriculum to equip startup founders with the knowledge and skills they need at every stage of their journey. The Tech Girl team hopes that supporting female founders via a tech-enabled platform ultimately leads to an increase in funding of female-founded tech businesses. 

A call for change

Though the platform is aimed at female entrepreneurs, the creators of Tech Girl partner with startup organizations, accelerators, incubators, affinity groups and early-stage venture funds as a way for women to connect with a community that can best work with them to build their creative tech dreams. The team aims to connect members of the tech and venture capital community such as mentors, advisors and investors seeking new and diverse ideas to the next generation of founders.

“Tech Girl is more than just a platform,” Lynn Fernando, CMO and Cofounder explains. “This will be a community of ambitious and talented founders, advisors, mentors and investors who are working together to change the status quo and break barriers in the tech industry. Our goal is to empower founders in their startup journey by helping them make meaningful connections.” 

With its upcoming debut at SXSW, Tech Girl and its founders are optimistic about the future for women in the tech industry. With hopes of reaching millions of women and helping them realize their entrepreneurial goals, Tech Girl expects to be a gamechanger for the next generation of global leaders. 

Tech Girl is a platform that empowers aspiring female tech entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. The platform is set to launch and debut for the first time at SXSW in Austin, Texas this March. To learn more about Tech Girl or to sign up before the platform officially launches, visit their website.

Rajul Kadakia, Cofounder and CEO

Lynn Fernando, Cofounder and CMO

[email protected]