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Unik Media Group CMO Presented “Super Affiliate of The Year” at Annual Affy Award Program

Las Vegas, Nevada – Unik Media Group is a digital performance marketing agency that serves advertisers and publishers. The Founder of UMG, Carlos Corona Jr., has recently been awarded “Super Affiliate of the Year” at the annual Affy Awards.

Carlos Corona Jr. is a Pay Per Call and Lead Generation expert with over a decade of experience in several industry sectors. He has worked to help businesses of all sizes generate leads and increase revenue through innovative strategies and tactics.

The Affiliate Ball hosted the Affy Awards ceremony in January 2023 to honor excellence in the affiliate marketing sector. One of the nominees distinguished himself from the others, gaining him and his business the desired distinction. The “Super Affiliate of the Year” award went to Carlos Corona Jr., the founder and CMO of Unik Media Group (UMG). This annual award honors remarkable accomplishments in the affiliate marketing sector. For everyone in the sector, it is a significant occasion that brings together influential people, business leaders, and top achievers to honor the best and brightest. The occasion offers a fantastic chance for networking, education, and inspiration from the finest professionals in the field.

Getting recognized at the Affy Awards, a prestigious event for affiliate marketers, and winning an award there is a thrilling accomplishment. With his initiatives to promote creativity, put new ideas into practice, and coach other affiliates who would go on to succeed, Carlos has had a tremendous impact on the Pay Per Call and Lead Generation businesses.

“It’s an honor to be recognized among so many talented individuals in the industry,” Carlos expressed upon accepting the award. The event was also a platform to feature a performance by a big name in the music industry, who entertained the crowd with hit songs and a captivating stage presence. The team at Unik Media Group and Carlos Corona Jr. are thrilled about this recent acquisition.

The Super Affiliate of the Year award will benefit UMG in a number of ways. First, it will recognize and reward UMG’s top affiliates for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the company. This will create a strong sense of loyalty and motivation among UMG’s affiliates, encouraging them to continue to work alongside Unik Media Group. Additionally, the award will help to strengthen UMG and Carlos Corona’s reputations as leaders in the affiliate marketing industry, drawing more affiliates to the company and increasing its overall reach. Finally, the award will serve as a great marketing tool, allowing UMG to showcase its successes and draw in new customers.

Unik Media Group hopes that this latest award will help them push forward and drive their company to further successes in the years to come. As a digital performance marketing agency, UMG aims to highlight more of Carlos Corona’s influence as an award-winning Pay Per Call and Lead Generation expert.

Unik Media Group aims to provide customized solutions to its clients and help them grow their business with a data-driven approach. To learn more information about Carlos Corona Jr. and the work he does with Unik, please visit his LinkedIn or the company’s website.


Carlos Corona Jr.

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