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Patti Zorr Marketing Launches VIP Service, Author Amplify

Fort Collins, CO – Patti Zorr Marketing, an agency that caters to emerging non-fiction authors, is launching a program called Author Amplify. This program offers participants a VIP Strategy Day, which includes a one-on-one coaching session, during which authors are guided step-by-step through the book marketing process, while they receive assistance in planning and promoting their books.

The program includes 6 hours of one-on-one time with an expert coach, who will provide guidance and support to the author in all aspects of book marketing. The program is tailored to the individual needs of the author and their audience, with a focus on attracting more readers, with the goal of selling more books. The coach will help the author strategize and guide them through every step of the book launch process.

Author Amplify includes a a digital download of the book Book Launch Blueprint, a program guide and workbook; access to a workshop series and digital asset bundle; a micro-course that teaches how to navigate advanced reader campaigns; a collection of logo design resources (and how to use them); Funnel RX, an 8-part masterclass about funnel building; lead magnet templates; a workbook for measuring the success of a campaign; and a 14-day free trial to the marketing software FG Funnels.

These resources are designed as a package to help authors increase visibility and establish authority in their industry. The program provides in-depth assistance for entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches who want to leverage the power of their writing to position themselves as thought leaders in their fields, boost their credibility, and grow their audiences.

Author Amplify’s funnel marketing education discusses how authors can guide potential customers through a series of steps with the goal of converting them into actual customers. The marketing funnel consists of several stages, each designed to move the customer closer to making a purchase. Author Amplify’s resources offer advice on how writers can apply this technique, and are educated on building awareness, creating interest, motivating intent, and encouraging a purchase.

Author Amplify was created to provide comprehensive support to authors in all aspects of book marketing and promotion, including strategy development, platform-building, and launch planning. The program builds on Patti Zorr Marketing’s holistic approach to helping authors build businesses around their books, with a focus on empowering writers by implementing effective marketing strategies.

The company’s CEO and founder, Patti Zorr, reiterates that it can take time for a book to gain traction in the market, and a successful launch is only the first step. “By creating a launch campaign that is tailored to your specific audience, you can encourage the momentum to thrive beyond the launch date,” she states. “We created Author Amplify to promote this approach, which involves the implementation of various marketing techniques.”

She says that the unique program will help the company to continue its recent growth, as it addresses a growing market of what Zorr terms “authorpreneurs”. She shares that many of her company’s clients seek guidance in building businesses around their books, which is why her firm offers services such as one-on-one and group coaching, website design, social media marketing, and customized advertising campaign creation.

“These days, almost anyone can publish a book,” Zorr shares. “If you want to actually sell your book, you’re going to have to market it, too. Our company offers strategies to help authors leverage the power of their book far beyond launch day.”

Patti Zorr Marketing emphasizes the need for authors to be aware of their audience; Author Amplify addresses this and provides resources so that writers can create a plan for how they will identify and engage their target audience. This leads to education on how authors can create comprehensive launch campaigns that will extend beyond the initial book release.

“Revenue and ROI from book sales alone are often lower than what people think,” says Zorr. “The average royalty is about 15%. The average author only sells about 250 books and rarely recoup the costs of publishing. We created Author Amplify to combat these statistics. Today’s digital landscape allows writers the ability to connect with readers and build long-term relationships via email and social media.”

Author Amplify also includes a follow-up coaching call to ensure authors stay on track with their marketing goals. Authors who participate in Author Amplify are encouraged to consider the company’s group coaching option, called Book Launch LIVE!.

“When it comes to being a successful authorpreneur, having a clear vision for how you’re going to market and promote your book is key to long term success,” Zorr affirms. “You need to have a solid plan for how you’re going to position your book to achieve your goals and make it work for you.”

Patti Zorr Marketing is a consulting and marketing agency that offers a variety of services for non-fiction authors, including coaching, platform building, book funnels, and author websites to help authors market their books successfully. The agency also offers specific marketing for entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches who are writing and promoting their books.


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