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THINKWATTS Foundation Expands With Multifaceted Development Project

Watts, CA – THINKWATTS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is expanding its impact with an initiative to develop multifaceted development projects that includes the creation of affordable housing units, single-family homes, a state-of-the-art sports complex for basketball enthusiasts, small retail spaces, and a dynamic makerspace village. 

Additionally, the foundation has collaborated with Microsoft, Riot Games, and Google to launch a technology center that will offer programming and certification courses in Python, Java, JavaScript, and C# this summer. Successful completion of the program will entitle participants to the assistance of a dedicated recruiter who will help them secure positions with companies that specialize in their acquired coding expertise.

The foundation is also inaugurating a preschool in May that will focus on enhancing early learning literacy for children aged 1-6. This innovative preschool will offer performance-based financial incentives for students and reward parents for consistent child attendance.

Based in Watts, California, the foundation’s mission encompasses a range of initiatives aimed at uplifting communities and addressing pressing issues. With its base in Watts, the organization is dedicated to bringing positive change to communities suffering from similar circumstances in and around Los Angeles.

Each phase of the new development project keeps in mind the foundation’s core focus areas: Food Security, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship Support, Sports Programming, Environmental Justice, and Workforce Development. THINKWATTS organizes weekly food distributions nationwide with the goal of alleviating food insecurities faced by vulnerable populations, and the team at the nonprofit is taking steps to ensure that all prior initiatives continue uninterrupted during the development project.

THINKWATTS will continue to host engaging financial literacy events designed to educate both young and adult community members on crucial topics such as money management, creditworthiness, and investing. In collaboration with Mastercard, Thinkwatts offers workshops that empower small businesses by helping them secure capital, create P&L statements, and improve cybersecurity practices. By promoting soccer and basketball programs, the foundation encourages physical activity and a sense of community. It also spearheads initiatives that target access to clean water and provide low-income communities with Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). Moreover, the Thinkwatts Foundation fosters career growth in emerging industries such as hydrogen fueling, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and technology.

Over the next five years, THINKWATTS Foundation aims to merge its programming with community development initiatives to foster a more productive economy. The foundation’s vision is to establish innovative, environmentally sustainable production facilities that will generate new job opportunities and potentially redefine opportunity zones.

To realize this vision, THINKWATTS Foundation’s development project includes a trade school specializing in electric vehicle charging and hydrogen fueling careers, along with the other facets of the project. This is a crucial step towards revitalizing the community, providing much-needed jobs and opportunities for growth.

The nonprofit was founded by Brandon “Stix” Salaam-Bailey in 2018, and he says that he created THINKWATTS with a commitment to uplifting the Watts community. “Our new development project, technology center, and preschool are a testament to our continued dedication to building a better future for Watts and the surrounding communities,” Salaam-Bailey states.

THINKWATTS Foundation has been making significant strides in uplifting communities and addressing pressing issues since its establishment. With the expansion of the foundation’s initiatives, it is evident that the organization’s impact will only continue to grow. The multifaceted development project and the technology center will help create a more productive economy while providing opportunities for growth and development for the people of Watts and the surrounding communities. The foundation’s dedication to promoting education, entrepreneurship, and environmental justice is a testament to its commitment to bringing positive change to the community.

About THINKWATTS Foundation

THINKWATTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to uplift underserved communities and address pressing issues through various initiatives. Its core focus areas include food security, financial literacy, entrepreneurship support, sports programming, environmental justice, and workforce development. The organization is committed to providing support, resources, and opportunities to struggling communities, particularly in the Watts area of California.


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