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Brag Stays Unveils 200-Acre Estate Retreat in Blairstown, New Jersey

NEW YORK, NY – Brag Stays announces the acquisition of a 200-acre estate retreat, aimed at providing a serene sanctuary to urbanites, located just over an hour from New York City. 

Positioned amidst a private 200-acre farm, the new estate includes three homes, surrounding a 5-acre lake. Guests can engage in a range of recreational activities, from tennis, hiking, and fishing to swimming, kayaking, and horseback riding. 

The property, located an 8-minute drive off Route 80, serves as a venue for multiple kinds of gatherings, including family reunions, weddings, corporate retreats, and video shoots.

Co-owners Natalia and Russ Brag have designed each property. Every space features high-quality furnishings, antique items, and premium amenities. “All our properties are nestled around lakes, rivers, and hiking hotspots. It’s about immersing in nature and finding respite from the daily grind,” Natalia Brag explains.

As part of their future plans, Brag Stays intends to introduce ‘Stay & Ride Cabins’ in Columbia, New Jersey. Located on a private 43-acre horse ranch, these luxury cabins will offer guests the opportunity to reserve horses for rides, adding a unique dimension to their stay. 

The company’s vision to provide nature-centric stays has led to curating properties within walking distance of a main water source, such as a lake, river, or ocean.

About Brag Stays: 

Brag Stays, co-owned by Natalia and Russ Brag, was founded with a vision to offer unique, nature-centric getaways. The company has been successful in redefining luxury and reconnecting people with nature, as exemplified by their latest 200-acre estate retreat. For more information, visit

For additional details or inquiries, please contact:

Russ Brag

Phone: 917-318-0155

Email: [email protected]