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Being Thankful – Even in Small Spaces

Thanksgiving decor can be challenging when you live in a small apartment or other place with limited space – but we have ideas that’ll make you feel #blessed!

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, gathering, and gorging on delicious food. But just because you live in a smaller space like an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t go all out on the festive decor. In fact, with a little creativity and some space-saving tricks, you can turn your cozy nook into a Thanksgiving wonderland. Here’s how to maximize your space and festive spirit!

Wall of Thanks

Instead of taking up floor or table space, go vertical. Dedicate a wall in your living area for a giant chalkboard or corkboard. Invite friends and family to write or pin what they’re thankful for. It becomes an interactive decor piece that’s both heartwarming and space-efficient.

Multi-functional Decor

When space is at a premium, every item should serve a dual purpose. Think of centerpieces that can double as serving bowls or candle holders that can be used for holding cutlery. You could even consider stackable dishes with Thanksgiving motifs that can be displayed vertically, saving on horizontal counter or table space.

Miniature Pumpkin Patch

Who said you need large pumpkins to feel festive? Mini pumpkins and gourds can be just as delightful. Place them in glass jars, line them up on windowsills, or even string them up as a garland. They bring a pop of autumnal color without taking up much space.

Floating Cornucopia

Instead of the traditional cornucopia centerpiece, why not create a hanging version? Use lightweight wireframes to fashion a cornucopia shape, fill it with faux fruits and leaves, and suspend it from the ceiling. It becomes a fantastic focal point without cluttering your surfaces.

Collapsible Decor

After dinner, you might need to reclaim your space. Opt for collapsible decor items like foldable fabric banners with ‘Give Thanks’ messages or pop-up paper turkeys. Once the celebrations are over, they can be folded down and stored easily.

Magnetic Gratitude

Using magnetic paint or stick-on magnetic boards, transform a section of your wall into a space where family and friends can stick notes of thanks. Pair this with autumnal magnets or even magnetic mini pumpkins and leaves to add a touch of festive flair.

Edible Decor

Let your Thanksgiving feast double up as your decor. Pies, turkeys, cranberries, and other dishes can be aesthetically displayed before being consumed. Use tiered serving platters to elevate the dishes, both literally and figuratively, making them look grand while saving table space.

Light Up with Fairy Lights

When floor space doesn’t allow for larger decor pieces, lighting can set the mood. Drape warm fairy lights around door frames, along railings, or in jars. Their twinkling glow will instantly warm up the space and provide a cozy Thanksgiving ambiance.

DIY Leaf Place Cards

Collect some of the beautiful fall leaves that nature offers during this season. Using a metallic marker, write the names of your guests on each leaf. These personalized leaves can then be placed on the dinner table, not only indicating where each guest should sit but also adding a personal touch of fall to your decor. Once the dinner is over, guests can take them home as a keepsake from the memorable evening.

Space-Saving Centerpieces

Opt for slender, vertical centerpieces rather than wide, sprawling ones. Tall vases filled with layers of dried corn, cranberries, and pinecones, or slender candlesticks surrounded by a few scattered leaves can make an elegant statement without occupying much table space.

Bonus Tips – Balconies, Patios, & Vertical Storage

If you have a balcony or patio, no matter how small, consider it an extension of your indoor space. A simple outdoor rug, a couple of throw pillows in fall colors, and a lantern or two can make it the perfect spot for guests to get some fresh air. Place a few of those miniature pumpkins and gourds outside or even a wreath on the railing to give it a Thanksgiving touch.

Remember, when it comes to small space decor, think upwards! Vertical storage solutions such as hanging spice racks or tiered fruit baskets can be adorned with ribbons, faux fall leaves, or berries. It’s practical for everyday use, but with a touch of embellishment, it becomes a festive piece.

Decorating a small space for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean skimping on style or sentiment. With innovative space-saving solutions and a touch of creativity, any apartment or compact living space can exude the warmth and gratitude that embodies the spirit of the holiday. Remember, it’s not about the size of the space but the warmth of the heart that fills it. Happy decorating and an even happier Thanksgiving!