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Frank iTom, Pioneer in Viral Digital Content, Teaches Creators the Secrets to Transitions in New Course

Online content surfers are a hard bunch to impress. They may be wowed by yesterday’s post, but today it only elicits a yawn. As a result, creators must constantly search for ways to capture the rarest of commodities: attention. Now, however, their lives are getting much easier. Frank iTom, who is the mastermind behind viral dance and illusion videos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, has launched “Introduction to Transitions with Frank iTom.” The new course will help creators understand how transitions are accomplished and can be leveraged to create spectacular content that increases audience engagement.

Frank iTom is a well-known name in the digital marketing world, as for over a decade, he has been elevating mega-brands from the United States and Europe online. The foundation of his successful digital content strategies is his unique blend of humor, fashion, dance, storytelling, and a rare, crowd-pleasing skill: illusions. Utilizing cutting-edge software and tools, Frank iTom has mastered the art of making the impossible appear possible. Models pop up out of the floor and begin dancing to Michael Jackson. Their clothes are changed instantaneously. These subtle shifts between scenes or elements make for fascinating content that captures the viewer’s attention and never lets go. As a result of his innovation, Frank iTom won the Force of Creative Arts Award 2023 at the TrendUp Awards in Nigeria, and he has been nominated for Instagram Influencer of the Year and Fashion Influencer of the Year.

In his new course, “Introduction to Transitions with Frank iTom,” Frank teaches content creators how to get started with a crucial tool for maintaining viewer engagement. Referencing his own videos, he guides them through the intricacies of editing techniques, software utilization, and creative storytelling. A course highlight includes unveiling some of the secrets behind one of Frank iTom’s most popular Instagram reels, the 5 essential suits. Through a breakdown of the editing process, he gives insights into how the lightning-fast transitions were accomplished and the lessons for other social media creators.

The goal of the Frank iTom’s transitions course, however, is to not only impart technical skills but to also increase a creator’s self-confidence and foster fearless experimentation. Participants will be encouraged to try out different styles, push boundaries, and develop their own unique voice as creators. Whether the person is interested in whimsical animations, clever visual effects, or emotive storytelling, they will be able to learn skills that will deepen their ability to connect with their online audience. Innovating, not conforming to trends, will be emphasized so that creators can find their own rhythm and stay true to their authentic visions.

All content creators, whether they are budding influencers, small business owners, or seasoned marketers, are encouraged to join “Introduction to Transitions with Frank iTom” and learn how to use transitions to make memorable reels and videos. For anyone who wants to make their mark online, being skilled in transitions will provide a valuable foundation for their content in a digital world that will always be evolving.

About Frank iTom

Frank iTom is a globally recognized leader in the advertising and creative industries and has a growing following on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. Its unique ability to foster online engagement lies in its usage of software and tools to create compelling visual content. The company’s team helps creators, advertising agencies, small and mid-sized businesses, and corporate brands to capture online audiences with unforgettable content. Frank iTom has conveyed brand narratives for organizations in diverse industries, including fashion, food and beverage, entertainment, energy, e-commerce, technology, and hospitality. 

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