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As COVID-19 Forces Career Pivoting, One Digital Entrepreneur is Providing Free Help to Those Who Need It

COVID-19 is, in the blink of an eye, wiping out decades-old industries as we all socially distance for what, feels at times, will be the remainder of 2020. Businesses reliant on in-person, human-to-human patronage, like bars, restaurants, clubs, music festivals, pop-ups, and so forth, are sitting at a pivotal time in their business timeline, wondering if they’re going to make it out of this alive.

That’s why, according to CNBC, 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing this month. Paying rent, paying employees, pivoting products, marketing their services, and doing all of this with no income can seem impossible.

COVID-19 isn’t just impacting the SMEs, either. The likes of J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, and Forever21 have filed bankruptcy as retail shopping for the foreseeable future has come to a screeching halt.

Although this can seem overwhelming, hopeless, and crushing to so many people who have worked tirelessly to build up these industries over the last 100-years, it’s important to acknowledge that big consumer shifts have happened in the past. Looking back to 1908 when the first Model T Ford was sold in the United States, every company reliant on horse carriage services, shipping, and so forth were wiped out forever. New industries popped up that could rely on an automobile to deliver their product 30-miles away in only a few hours.

As the industries people were familiar with at the time slipped into the past, newer, more modern ones popped up. The problem, then and now, is that humans, as a whole, resist change. In fact, we hate it. Our brains hate the unpredictable, which is why so many people prefer to live in a comfort zone. We are hardwired to see change as negative, waiting years before we are able to finally see the positive side of things.

Right now, while coronavirus leaves millions unemployed, scared for their futures, and afraid their businesses will fail, we are surely being faced with negative change. There’s nothing enjoyable about not being able to pay your bills.

However, while these massive changes occur, there are industries that are booming. The likes of Amazon, Walmart, and major grocery store chains are hiring by the hundreds of thousands. The online world of eCommerce, consulting, and freelancing is exploding as more people then ever before launch online businesses. And the Apple App Store is welcoming an influx of apps that make it possible to do everything from cook at home to enjoy a personal sommelier, right from your pocket.

Although it’s hard to see the silver lining during a global pandemic, there’s one digital entrepreneur who is providing her insight, expertise, and resources to those embarking on a career pivot through an unsuspecting social media app: TikTok.

TikTok – Our Beacon of Hope?

Alexandra Fasulo is what you call a digital nomad – someone who runs internet businesses through her laptop and phone while traveling the world. She gained notoriety for her earnings as a freelance writer using Israeli freelancing site,, back in 2018 through CNBC. Since then, she has scaled her writing business to earn more than $350k per year on the site, selling blogs, website content, and e-books as a ghostwriter.

Today, she is growing her personal brand as a freelancing consultant, author, and frequent podcast guest, hoping to show others there is a slice of lucrative winnings for them online today.

“I think people get this idea that the internet is ‘saturated’ and there is no room for them, their services, and their skills online today,” said Fasulo. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The internet is infinite. The entire world logs online every day, looking to buy, sell, and invest. If only 0.01% of people on the planet are interested in what you are selling, you are still in business.”

Fasulo has been using TikTok as a way to connect with panicked people today. She posts 2-3 videos per day, as well as devotes one-hour to live video sessions where she answers every single question submitted by followers. To date, Fasulo has grown her account to 37,000 followers in just two months, providing invaluable insight into freelancing on Fiverr, scaling online businesses, earning money online without a college degree, and pivoting careers into a post COVID-19 world.

“TikTok doesn’t come with the algorithmic barriers of Instagram today – I can actually connect with people and help them,” said Fasulo. “I figured why sit on this goldmine of freelancing expertise when so many people are in desperate need of way to earn money for their families today? The world was already heading towards total gig economy infiltration before coronavirus; now it’s just confirmed.”

Fasulo encourages followers to launch online businesses, open up freelancing services on major sites like UpWork and Guru, and shift their “doubtful” mindsets by calling out the ever famous imposter syndrome so many entrepreneurs suffer from today.

She is hoping people will realize that when one door closes, another one opens.

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