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Ariel Levy Reshaping Sports Representation at 19-Years-Old

The name Ariel Levy is one that you may not know now, but in a few years his name could be among those of Rich Paul and Jeff Schwartz. At 14 years old, Levy was on his own reaching out to players and helping them on the marketing side of their image including websites and merchandise promotion. The now 19-year-old entrepreneur is the youngest CEO in the business of sports management. Levy already has an impressive clientele list only two years into his company’s existence which includes Michael Beasley.. Succeeding in a world dominated by experience and age, Levy finds himself at what seems to be a disadvantage to other sports agencies. However, Levy sees his youth as an advantage when it comes to recruiting new players. Many players respond more to his youthful determination and his willingness to do whatever is necessary than the occasional calls from 60-year-old agents in the business.

Although his lack of experience may prove to be problematic for some players, Levy has shown that he can run with the top dogs in the industry. Levy’s social media platforms have the sophistication and reach of other sports agencies like Excel Sports Management. Growing up in the world of social media has proven to be an advantage for the young CEO as he promotes the players he represents. Levy has found that representing the marketing side of players is his best way into building contracts with them later. He helps build their social media presence, fan base, and merchandise to get their name out into the eyes of the public. He envisions and cultivates the value in basketball camps and endorsements which establishes these players as professionals. Levy’s goal is to build his clientele’s trust and status in the professional sports community as serious prospects