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Heirloom Trust: A Modern Way to Invest in Your Kid’s Future

Where will the world be in thirty years? Many of us remember the movie series Back to the Future, in which Marty McFly gets to travel backwards and forwards in time. Will we have the flying cars that so dazzled him when he went into the future? Perhaps not, says Cara Cusack, laughing. “However, with the way technology is progressing, I suppose you can rule nothing out. I do think, though, that some of the tech that is developing now will have really taken off by the time we hit 2051. One of them is cryptocurrency. The way it’s evolving so rapidly, I believe very strongly that it’s here to stay. I also think that it’s a very wise investment, so that is one reason I invented Heirloom Trust’s crypto wallets. I wanted to help grandparents and parents invest on behalf of their young family members in strong technology that’s here for the long term.”

When Cara first became interested in cryptocurrency, she saw its tremendous investment potential, especially for her nine grandchildren. “The problem, though, was that when I looked around for something that could teach them about wise financial planning while they learned about digital currency, I couldn’t find it,” she says. “That’s why I created Heirloom Trust’s crypto wallets. For young kids who usually find the topic of investments boring, this provides that ‘wow’ factor that is sure to get their attention.”

Cara is a good resource for those who are not sure about what exactly cryptocurrency is. As a software technical program manager, she often answers questions from her friends and peers about a technology that so many of us find mysterious. “I get many, many questions, so I am completely sympathetic,” she says. “I realized one of the biggest needs was a primer that explains the answer to every question we have all had at some point. You can look at it and understand exactly what cryptocurrency is and how it works. Knowledge is power. When you understand digital currency, you’ll better understand how purchasing a crypto wallet from Heirloom Trust will benefit the younger people in your life.”

Cara explains that investing in one of Heirloom Trust’s crypto wallets is very simple. The purchaser will enter the recipient’s identifying information. No one can withdraw the funds until the intended recipients are of legal age to do so. 

She states that the recipient will then be given two things. “The first is a physical wallet, which looks and feels just like a coin and is sent to the receiver in a keepsake display and giftbox.  The physical wallet is imprinted with the logo of the cryptocurrency purchased and the deposit address.”

The recipient will also receive a software crypto wallet, which is designed to securely store different cryptocurrencies via the deposit address, which all members of a trustee’s family can deposit into until the recipient is old enough to access, transfer, or withdraw them. The wallet is a one-way purchase, meaning that the purchaser can only deposit into it. They cannot, for example, withdraw any of the money themselves, change their mind about the investment, or do any trading with it. Instead, the cryptocurrency is left to appreciate in value as the years pass, gaining more wealth for the recipient. As the recipient grows older, they are able to view the total amount of accumulated cryptocurrency and its present market value in any world currency by accessing the  Heirloom Trust mobile app and website. 

Cara has been asked a lot of questions about the security of the crypto wallets. “That’s definitely important, so you’ll feel reassured to know that the app backs up the physical wallet in case it is ever lost, stolen, or destroyed and needs to be reprinted. The hardware wallet is unhackable, as it is kept in a safety deposit box at financial institutions and is duplicated for disaster recovery. It means, for example, that if there is a natural disaster in one location and the hardware is lost, there is a backup at another financial institution in a different part of the United States. These contingencies ensure that the crypto funds are completely safe until the recipient turns eighteen, when they can withdraw them and transfer the funds to any account or exchange of their choosing.”

Cara ultimately believes that knowledge used to invest wisely is unbeatable. “Anyone can learn about cryptocurrency and understand how it’s used,” she says. “Once you do, you’ll see why it truly is the technology of the future. Investing in it will pay off for your children and grandchildren for many years to come.”

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