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Camo Tha GOAT: What You Should Know About Him

What started as a hobby turned into the career of many kid’s dreams. Camo Tha GOAT has built his dream job and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. The Chicago native has expanded himself to not only a rapper and videographer, but also a director, social media influencer, and record label owner. His brand, videography business, and label, Goat Me Up is continuing to grow as he works to make sure his name is out there. At just twenty-four years old, Camo is already a CEO of his company and brand and is only going up from here.

Finding yourself and purpose is hard, but a good handful of people truly have themselves and their lives figured out. “Everything I’ve built is from my interests and talents. I discovered them when I was younger and I just kept going. I love what I’m doing,” he says. Camo Tha GOAT has made a name for himself by making sure he stays relevant.

“I’ve definitely worked really hard, I don’t stop, because then everything slows down. It helps that I love doing these things. I wouldn’t be having as much fun if I hated my job,” Camo says with a smile.

Camo does a lot of video production after he found his hobby in 2012. Since then his videography, photography, and record label has been steadily growing. “I am always finding ways to promote my business and label,” he says. “I want my brand to be bigger and out there. I have really big plans for the future.”

Camo Tha Goat is also known as Cory Thompson. His background is diverse, with so many successful endeavours, his skill set is broad as he works in different industries as a creative force. He’s best known for his hit TV web series, The Generation which originally aired on Youtube and reached over 10 million views and counting (2012-2014). Camo started creating videos in 2012 because of his older brother. Around that time, Camo was an aspiring rapper, before he found out video directing was his given talent. Cory and his brother had a friendly competition editing the same exact video, he lost the competition, which sparked the fire in him to become one of the best. Shortly after this, Camo was inspired by a hit television show to create his own along with Thomas Conley. By using platforms Facebook and Twitter, this helped to mold the cast for The Generation. When the first episode of The Generation aired it reached over 10,000 views, giving him the attention from several Chicago artists like, 147 Calboy Moneybagg Yo GHerbo, Neil Gang, Stunt Taylor, Big Sexy, DLow Lil Kemo, and more. In 2018, he created Goat Me Up, which is a visual platform to clout up talented individuals worldwide with their talents.

With his experience in web television, he has branched out into directing and filming. His current videography business is gaining popularity and traffic as he continues to put his art out there. His YouTube channel is where you can find most of his videos and completed projects. Most of his videography includes music videos, promotional videos, short films, weddings, concerts, and many others.

“I really want my brand to last, I work really hard to promote and build it up. This has been a process from the very beginning,” Camo says. “I have 56,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 13 million views. My Instagram has over 10k views and my Facebook has over 4,000 fans. Even with these numbers, there are still going to be obstacles, but I just keep going. That’s what we do.”

After everything, the hard work still remains. “I really built my business and brand from scratch and have been using the internet to my advantage,” he says. “I do know what I’m doing and I want to expand further and grow. That’s my current dream.” As Camo Tha GOAT continues to stay relevant and expand, so will his business and online presence. Take a chance on an up and coming industry leader and make your dreams come true.