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Royal Protocol: Risk Everything, Lose Nothing

Until now, playing games has always ended in one of two ways: you either win or lose. This is especially true with risk-based games, where the outcome of a good round can result in prizes and rewards, whereas the alternative can drain your resources. But what if there was an invention which could alter that course of events? What if you could play a risk-based game as many times as you liked, celebrating the benefits without worrying about the consequences of permanent loss? Anyone able to make that concept a reality could redefine gaming as we know it and lead the industry in a completely new direction. Which is exactly what the innovators at Royal Protocol are on the verge of doing: overturning the digital gaming culture and giving power back to the players through its patent-pending blockchain technology. 

Royal Protocol Is The Power Behind the Gaming Revolution

The software that is reconceptualizing how high-risk games are played is being created by Royal Protocol, an S-corporation based out of Texas. “For so many people, digital gaming is more than a hobby,” says Rachel, Royal Protocol’s Director of Copywriting. “It’s something that provides excitement, fulfillment, and a connection to one’s community. However, users frequently run into issues which take away from what makes gaming enjoyable. Some of these problems are systemic, like how companies don’t disclose the odds or mechanics which allows them to profit from players, and some are seemingly fundamental, like the consequences of losing. At Royal Protocol, we are passionate about using blockchain technology to change the industry for the better. It’s not radical to believe that people should be able to decide whether or not to play based on the exact odds of winning or losing, or how their proficiency and spending habits affect their chances of success. It’s not unreasonable to believe that people should be protected from dark patterns which exist at the expense of the player. And, despite how games have worked until now, losing doesn’t have to mean “Game Over”.”

To accomplish its vision, Royal Protocol is creating and implementing new technology that allows it to power a state-of-the-art blockchain gaming ecosystem, one that includes the Royal Arcade blockchain game certification, Royal Arcade Rewind, NFTySwap, CryptoDegen$, an integrated crypto wallet, and more innovations on the way. It is a world of intricacy and efficiency, and, with the company’s plans to revolutionize digital interactive entertainment and create GameFi (Decentralized Game-Based Finance), Royal Protocol is poised to grow quickly as players make the switch to safe, exciting gaming and begin to reap its extensive rewards.

Royal Arcade Rewind Is Poised to Fundamentally Reinvent Gaming 

Royal Arcade Rewind, the brand representing Royal Protocol’s patent-pending technology, will give online gaming new life by allowing people to “play to earn” and enjoy risk-based games without permanent consequences. The incorporation of their technology means that a player is able to lose a game and, unlike the usual experience, only have their tokens frozen temporarily. At the end of a waiting period, the tokens are refreshed as though it never happened. If the person would like to reduce that reset time and “rewind” faster, they may be able to play other lower-risk games or simply pay a small fee to expedite the process. Users can get even more value by participating in Royal Protocol’s upcoming minigames and winning free Rewind tokens.

“To say we are excited is an understatement. This innovation could change this industry forever. By removing the permanent risk component, games that are actually fun to play could shift from just hobbies to providing something closer to a type of income,” explains Rachel. “And for those who just play for enjoyment, they will do so without worrying about losing. Our technology will amount to a total reset of gaming, so the public will no longer have to play under an archaic system.”

Royal Arcade Rewind Aims to Make Gaming More Accessible to Everyone

The impact of Royal Arcade Rewind will extend even further. “People who potentially have addictive behaviors, such as a gambling addiction, could use these games as a way to earn something of value without risk,” Rachel continues. “By inventing a new gaming system in which players can’t really lose, we have circumnavigated the black hole of betting, losing, getting into debt, betting to try to pay off that debt, then repeating that cycle. But this could also benefit anyone who is under-resourced, has a disability, or is otherwise struggling. It’s a brand-new set of tools to help people get what they need. It’s powerful.”

More Innovations That Will Enhance the Gaming Experience for Players

Royal Protocol plans to allow people to stake ROY LP tokens to win GROY, their governance token, which will give holders the ability to vote on new games and game upgrades, as well as other ecosystem features. To get GROY for free, be sure to stay tuned for announcements about their LP game. The “game” or “contest” will have $1,000,000 of GROY available for prizes. “You will be able to see a leaderboard that shows how much liquidity you’ve provided and how much more you must provide to move up to the next rank,” explains Rachel. 

Royal Protocol will also reward the top LP providers, and some of the lower ones, with swag, including Royal Protocol clothing and a limited edition of “gold” coins embossed with the ROY symbol. “We even have giveaways for Royal Arcade Rewind’s RAR tokens,” notes Rachel. “Through our referral program. We are giving away 4 RAR tokens per referral, with no cap. We will also be releasing a few tournament-style minigames as another way to get RAR. It’s an exciting opportunity to potentially have first access to Royal Arcade Rewind games, for free.”

Royal Protocol: Dramatically Changing the Future of Digital Gaming

One lesson of Royal Protocol’s invention is clear: just because something has been done the same way for literally hundreds of years does not mean it has to stay that way. “Blockchain technology is allowing us to solve problems that people once thought were unsolvable,” says Rachel, excitedly. “Royal Protocol is using the framework of its ecosystem to completely redefine what it means to play games. Think about what this means for our future. Now that we know risk-based games don’t need to be risky, and that games can bridge gaps in societal accessibility, what is the next frontier? I can’t give it away, but the Royal Protocol team has a vision. Royal Arcade Rewind is just the first step.”