/SightSage: Natural Solutions for a Digital Affliction

SightSage: Natural Solutions for a Digital Affliction

While technological advancements bring many obvious benefits, the digital age brings with it an unprecedented set of problems and challenges. One of the most widespread and pervasive problems of the era is the ever-increasing amount of time we spend looking at screens. Screens have infiltrated almost every aspect of our daily lives. From work to school, from the grocery store to the gas station, from our cars to our watches, we are confronted with bright screens everywhere we look. This amount of screen time puts considerable strain on our eyes. SightSage founder Dr. Weidong Yu claims that we need to develop natural solutions to protect our eyes in this new technological landscape, and the public seems to agree.

SightSage is Committed to Combatting the Effects of Excess Screen Time

The average adult spends 11 full hours a day on screens. This excessive amount of screen time can cause dry eyes, eye fatigue, and a slew of other vision-related issues. Even worse consequences – such as eye disease – become increasingly common as we get older. Over 50% of North Americans have some form of dry eye and are unaware they even have it, and if they do, many don’t know of any alternatives to traditional eye drops. The SightSage team hopes to raise awareness about vision issues caused by increased screen time and to let the world know that there is a solution for it.

Founded by Dr. Weidong Yu, a distinguished figure in the vision health industry, SightSage is a Canadian company that is dedicated to combatting this widespread problem. They develop and distribute whole food nutritional supplements engineered to support vision wellness. Dr. Yu has received high praise for his innovative treatment of retinal eye disorders. After more than 30 years of working in a clinical setting, he has created revolutionary new supplements designed to promote vision wellness and fight back against the destructive force of screen time.

SightSage’s Value-Driven Mission for Vision Wellness

The SightSage brand was founded on a unique set of values that guides the company in all of its endeavors and innovations. The first of these is a commitment to natural wellness. Backed by over 30 years of expertise in the natural nutrition field and Traditional Chinese Medicine, they utilize powerful ingredients such as goji berries, Cherokee Rose, and dandelion in their vision wellness products. This makes their products not only effective, but completely natural. The company also makes efforts to give back to nature through eco-friendly processes, such as using recyclable bottles.

The second value surrounds visual self-care. SightSage stands committed to helping people strengthen their vision, improve vision wellness, and counteract the harsh effects of prolonged screen exposure in a holistic manner. The final value is about living better in the digital world. This speaks to their goal of alleviating eye discomfort caused by heavy screen exposure (such as eye fatigue and dry eye) so that we can indulge in more digital experiences guilt-free. They also provide education on the importance of vision wellness and on how to keep a healthy digital lifestyle.

A Unique Vision for the Future

SightSage has always been ahead of the curve; they are one of the only brands to offer natural solutions for vision problems, one of the only to market vision solutions to students and young professionals, and one of the only to take a preventative approach to vision wellness, stopping problems in their tracks even before they develop. With a keen eye for innovation, a respect for the traditional, and a willingness to try something new, SightSage has found the perfect formula for success.

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