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Daily Archives: November 15, 2021

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FireStarter: Own the Future

The metaverse – the future of the Internet – has arrived and with it, FireStarter, a launchpad whose vision is captivating investors, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike. The platform promises to give life to projects that will make an exciting impact on how we interact with

Model Nicole Marie Provides Daily Inspiration for Wellness

Nicole Marie, aka Niki, explains how she seemingly became a fitness influencer overnight. “I had no idea how much people would appreciate my posts,” Niki explains. “After posting a progress photo of my abs, one I felt self-conscious about posting, people started to gravitate towards


Content creator and prankster, SavageShawn is known for his risky stunts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With over 5 million followers and counting, Shawn’s videos continue to go viral.  What is SavageShawntv? SavageShawntv is a YouTube channel that features new videos every week. The idea

Producer/Actor Ben Stranahan: Finding His Soul In Art

As musician, actor, and film producer Ben Stranahan rises in Hollywood’s ranks, drawing growing audiences to films like Mean Dreams, Calibre, and Population Zero, he remains a believer in the power that movies have to touch the human spirit. “It never ceases to amaze me