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WILDsound Blazes a Trail for Film Creators and Lovers Everywhere

The film industry is in a state of constant flux, always innovating and pushing barriers. Whether it’s finding new and dynamic ways to tell a story or creating new ways to consume the medium, there are those who work tirelessly to keep film on the center stage of entertainment. There are no shortage of ways to enjoy any film of choice, but each differs greatly and not all of them have the content that people are looking for. WILDsound Festival TV, a Canadian streaming service built with film lovers and creators in mind, has risen to that challenge. Featuring a new theme or genre of films every day, the WILDsound Festival TV app is showcasing the best indie talent working in the industry today.

Like many fields in the entertainment industry, film is immensely competitive. It makes sense as the industry has only grown in popularity since its fateful inception all the way back in 1895. Since then, film has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with just over two million people working across a variety of fields therein. Because of this, filmmakers and screenwriters have to hit the ground running to make sure their ideas and film compositions stand out from the growing crowd.

Matthew Toffolo, owner and CEO of WILDsound Festival TV, has been working tirelessly for almost twenty years to bring new and diverse content from filmmakers and screenwriters of all kinds. Today’s creative landscape can often be difficult to traverse, especially for creators starting out. Chasing festival deadlines can be exhausting, and not everyone will be able to make it to the locations they want to be to showcase their works, but WILDsound has created a two-pronged solution to this problem: a film festival and, later, an online streaming platform.

“I created the Wildsound Feedback Film Festival back in 2007 to provide filmmakers and screenwriters with a chance to have a meaningful film festival experience centered around audience feedback,” says Toffolo. “Even if your work makes it onto the screen, you might not get the response you’re looking for. Worst yet, you might not receive any. This was a way to not only give these creators a platform, but to give them a chance to get the feedback they want—or even need—on their work.”

Since its creation fifteen years ago, WILDsound Festival has showcased over 10,000 feature and shorts films, and well over 8,000 screenplays since then. What once started as a monthly event in Toronto has spread its influence across borders, with festivals being held in Los Angeles and Chicago. By now, the fledgling festivals of Toronto have grown into weekly events where unique content is being shown each time and all genres are given their chance to shine.

As one of the most unique streaming services out there, WILDsound TV provides viewers with a new way to engage in art. There are dramatic sci-fis, such as Virtuoso, an Italian short film about a man suffering from Parkinson’s stirred by his memories that his android butler mistakenly awakens; supernatural comedies, such as Death Called Me a Cheater, where an EMT must find her way out of Death’s grip when he comes for her; and even animations, like Behind the Glass, a Canadian experimental film based around a man trying to confront his own limitations all while facing the harsh realities of societal rejection. WILDsound TV features films of almost any genre under the sun: action, animation, comedy, crime/mystery, dance, documentary, drama, environmental, experimental, fantasy/sci-fi, horror, LGBTQ+, and more.

The app features a catalog of hundreds of award-winning shorts from around the world that you can watch anytime. But wait, there’s so much more! WILDsound TV also gives curious viewers a glimpse behind the curtain, allowing them to watch story pitches, novels read by award-winning writers, and audience feedback on films from prior festivals.

“Success is when luck meets opportunity,” Toffolo notes, “and for hundreds of filmmakers, this is the opportunity they’re looking for.”

For those interested in all things film, download the WILDsound TV app for a seven-day free trial and enjoy watching a brand new film festival every single day in the comfort of your home. After the trial, membership is only $3.99 a month. Follow WILDSound on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to keep track of all the latest news. Check out the podcast for exclusive interviews. If you’re a filmmaker or screenwriter, submit your next masterpiece over on FilmFreeway