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Customer communication platform Thena launches: raised $2.16m from Pear VC and Tenacity VC

PALO ALTO, California–The newly launched customer communication platform Thena has raised $2.16M from venture capital firms Pear VC and Tenacity, an impressive feat for the team who are on a vision to redefine customer communication and intelligence in the modern world. 

As companies switch to remote work, changes must be made to communicating with customers where they spend time the most. B2B communication is seeing a massive shift from email to Slack as customers expect accessibility and quicker resolution times from businesses. 

Thena Helps Businesses Connect With Customers on Slack 

Messaging platforms such as Slack have seen nearly 100,000 companies adopting the platform to communicate with customers in the last two years alone. With Slack, collaboration becomes more accessible, and businesses can get smarter with data. However, managing customers within platforms like Slack needs applications and connectors to the existing CRM for efficiency and scale. Ankit Saxena, Satyavrat Bondre, Unmukt Raizada, and Govind Kavaturi started Thena, a communication platform that connects Slack conversations to internal tools and provides intelligent customer behavior data. 

Historically, the biggest challenge for businesses is to predict churn and identify growth opportunities due to the nature of formal business communication via email and limitations coming from disconnected information. Thena’s approach is to bring a solution to businesses seeking better insight and direct contact with their customers.

Thena Raises $2.16m from Pear VC and Tenacity

The newly formed partnership with Pear VC and Tenacity Venture Capital has afforded Thena the resources to develop the platform.

Pear VC has a strong track record of investment in successful brands, many becoming household names such as Doordash, Affinity, Vanta, and Branch. Pear has invested in companies in varying business sectors such as food delivery, employee management, and data loss prevention, all holding a common thread of accessibility and a consumer-focused approach. Likewise, Tenacity has raised $50m as of May 2022, with a strong focus on pre-series A companies. 

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