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Evangeline De Châtillon on the Power of Self-Image

Mentor and life coach Evangeline De Châtillon has strong beliefs regarding the power of self-image and self-worth, and how this directly affects the level of success that individuals experience.

“How we view ourselves is a crucial component in how others will view and perceive us,” she shares. “It also affects the level of success we can or will attain.” The problem, she goes on to point out, is that most people have taken on a mistaken identity. “If we don’t truly know ourselves,” she says, “we cannot achieve a healthy sense of self-worth. How you can truly value something you don’t understand?”

She teaches her clients that every person has worth. Every person is like a rare gem – the only one of its kind. But if you find a shiny pebble on the beach and are unaware that it’s a precious gemstone, you may put it in your pocket but you won’t realize its potential value. Individuals are the same way. We don’t view ourselves as that precious gemstone – so we undervalue ourselves and in turn others undervalue us.

Evangeline offers mentorship which is more thorough and in-depth than traditional counseling or even traditional life coaching. She helps clients to acquire the right tools to address the way they see themselves, and helps them to create a blueprint for self-improvement that starts with recognizing their own self-worth. “These tools must be implemented daily,” she says.

Once this blueprint is applied to a person’s life, they can see a drastic change in not only the levels of success they can experience, but the way the world is colored. Everything becomes more vibrant as self-love flourishes. When an individual can value the person they see in the mirror, they can self-partner and experience self-love and self-validation – instead of seeking for validation from others and continually being disappointed when expectations fall short of reality.

The question that Evangeline helps her clients answer is this: how do we change the barometer of our self-image, so that we are free to achieve the level of success that we desire?

“Many times,” Evangeline says, “we come across ways of ‘how to become more confidant’ or ‘how to succeed in today’s world’. But that level of success continues to evade most people.” The reasons are broad, she says, ranging from a person’s upbringing, their parents’ parenting styles, and societal, cultural, and media-driven influences that ensnare the psyche and program and condition people to view themselves in a certain way. “This has an immense encapsulating effect,” says Evangeline.

The key to changing self-image and self-worth lies in the application of the aforementioned tools and blueprint to personal success. This is different for everyone, which is why Evangeline works so closely and personally with each client. “There’s a method to the madness,” she says. “But if we’re not utilizing the correct way of changing, all we’re doing is spinning our wheels.”

Evangeline De Châtillon is a life coach and mentor offering group and private sessions.



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