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Daily Archives: October 5, 2022

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2022 Emmy Awards Gift Bag Includes Huriia

Presenters and winners of the 2022 Emmy Awards are bringing home Huriia wearable umbrella holders in their coveted gift bags, and this includes some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Tuesday, September 13, marked the 74th annual Emmy Award ceremony, held in glamorous Los Angeles, and the

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LG partners with FR0NTIERX for next-generation smart screen NFT displays

LG Electronics Business Solutions has announced a global partnership with Portuguese-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform Fr0ntier X for world-class interactive NFT integrations and experiences on LG webOS Smart Signage. Fr0ntierX offers a suite of software solutions and its unique application that allows for secure authentication

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How Qal-Tek Helps Keep First Responders Safe

When it comes to responding to emergencies and potential threats, equipment and instrumentation must be reliable.  And “reliable” means knowing the equipment will not fail you with incorrect readings or break down because of poorly executed maintenance.   After 9/11, our nation’s first responders were given

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