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Unique Wedding Flower Preservation by Francesca’s Element LLC: “The Honey Darling Collection”

Author: Peter Hanker

Sep 26, 2022 (The Kerplunk) — DALLAS, Texas – Dallas-based Francesca’s Element, a floral preservation company, has launched the Honey Darling Collection to expand its customized creative offerings. With the new collection, Francesca’s Element now provides its customers with several keepsake options, including custom portrait paintings, serving trays, photo frames, and bookends. A bride and her groom can choose their favorite captured memory from their big day and freeze it in time along with the bride’s bouquet.

The idea to preserve floral arrangements as keepsakes came to Mackey during the peak of the Covid19 pandemic; a time of uncertainty and during a time when many people were scrolling through various social media platforms more regularly. Mackey credits a video she viewed on TikTok for her inspiration. Through her own trial and error and a lot of practice, Mackey established her craft, and thus, Francesca’s Element was born within a year.

“I was bouncing around jobs, but always had a secret dream to be a florist,” says Francesca Mackey, Francesca’s Element Founder. “When I found floral preservation, I realized it was the perfect way to combine my nearly two years of experience as a floral hostess and the artistic skills I’ve had my entire life.”

With the help and support from owner and CEO, Stephen Amiewalan, Francesca’s Element currently consists of a team of twelve talented artists and has preserved over 700 keepsakes to date. Amiewalan’s management expertise allows Mackey and her team to collaborate and focus on what they do best: create quality artwork.

“We make box displays, jewelry, and posters, which are super popular,” says Mackey. “It’s really cool when people see my stuff and they know it’s mine. I have a really good support system that encourages me along the way.”

The creative process from start to finish is not a simple one. It involves several steps, beginning with drying flowers and then using clear resin to preserve them for generations as family heirlooms, statement pieces, or as unique wall decorations that can be displayed in a home’s interior. The entire process, from start to finish, usually takes several weeks to complete.

The company hopes to become the largest wedding floral preservation company and vows to continue to strive for high-quality products and services.

For more information on Francesca’s Element, please visit its website or contact:

Francesca Mackey and Stephen Amiewalan

[email protected]