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3 Ways Lokahi Leaf is Changing the Beauty Industry with Holistic Ingredients

Mililani, Hawaii–Lokahi Leaf is an earth-sourced wellness and beauty brand that has been working directly with locally sourced and organic ingredients to create their products. The company is one of the first to be utilizing holistic medicinal plants such as hemp and cannabinoids, incorporating them into their line of merchandise.

While keeping a holistic approach at the forefront of their business model, Lokahi Leaf is working to change the way that the beauty industry operates. Traditional hair care and skin products can be made with harmful chemicals. There are a few new products set to launch in January 2023 from the developers at Lokahi Leaf. Here are three ways in which this company is making strides toward a more organic beauty industry with their newest products.

  1. Sulfate and Paraben free

Most modern hair care and skincare products are made using sulfates and parabens, which can damage the body and strip it of naturally produced oils. Many businesses are making the switch to use less of these chemicals, however, Lokahi Leaf develops all of their products to be completely free of these unnatural ingredients. 

  1. Cruelty Free and Vegan

Lokahi Leaf is working to develop formulas in a way that doesn’t utilize animal testing and other harmful practices. As the market shifts to focus on sustainability, companies have been slowly steering away from testing their products in ways that negatively impact the ecosystem. The products used to develop Lokahi Leaf’s formulas are locally sourced and harvested in ways that don’t harm the environment, or strip away layers of the ecosystem.

Their products are tested in humane ways that don’t include the use of animals, and none of Lokahi Leaf’s products include animal-based materials. This is seen heavily marketed in their petcare line, where they curate their formulas to be suited for a variety of animal life.

  1. Eco-Friendly packaging

The overuse of plastic has been proven to be detrimental for the environment as a whole. Companies that market their products as natural and organic may have the credentials to back that up when it comes to the product itself, but then, those same companies will package those products in plastic bottles or bags. Lokahi Leaf utilizes biodegradable materials and sustainable packing to contain their products in order to minimize their plastic production.

Lokahi Leaf’s shampoo and conditioner bars feature a new eco-friendly shipping format, allowing the company to reduce waste by recycling the original packaging, so that it can double as travel containers for the customers. This allows consumers the ability to keep and reuse their containers, so that in case of a reorder, the shampoo bars will exclude a large chunk of packing materials. 

The bottles that their products come in have been developed to break down easily, rather than sit in a landfill. They use paper/cardboard shipping materials to keep waste out of the postal system. 

The new products on the way for Lokahi Leaf in 2023 will be utilizing these same eco-friendly and holistic methods. The team at Lokahi Leaf is excited to be continuing the growth of this company in sustainable and ecologically sound ways. As they continue their expansion, this wellness brand is working to give back to the environment, with a portion of the proceeds from their products going toward wildlife and oceanic sustainability and research.

Lokahi Leaf is a lifestyle brand that is founded on the idea of holistic medicinal healing. Their products are organic, with ingredients that come directly from the earth. The company;\’s new products will launch at the start of 2023. For more information about Lokahi Leaf, see their websites.

Rochelle Wagner–Co Founder/Executive Officer
Earl L. Vercher–Co Founder/Executive Officer

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