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Round One of Pre-IPO for Project Grit to Close After 800 More Shareholders

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pre-IPO for Project Grit will come to a close after the platform reaches 800 more shareholders regardless of the investment amount. Project Grit, operating under business label NowGrit, Co (formally Asdal inc), is hoping to gather a community of shareholders and investors as the year comes to a close. After they reach their goal, the second round of IPO will start as Project Grit gains more traction among retail chains and suppliers, along with individual consumers. 

Project Grit is a company that has been working to combine retail tech, sales, and services with ecosystem functionality. The R&D development of Project Grit has been in the works for several years and is now planning to productize their growth, while  introducing a revenue transparency plan, designed to embrace openness between the company and its shareholders. 

“Although we are not a public company yet, we believe going transparent gives us a better story to share with our customers, consumers, and investors,” explains Founder of Project Grit, Prince D. Levine. “We believe this is one of the critical first steps required to gain confidence from the public with our end to end consumer management and commerce management approach.” 

The company has upcoming dividends plans that they believe will carry the company forward toward establishing long term relationships with its current and future shareholders. Currently, Project Grit is hosting their Pre IPO round one under the regulation CF, which gives non accredited, and smaller investors the ability to invest in growth emerging offerings like Project Grit.  

With a new team of financial analysts, as well as a chief revenue officer brought in from the federal reverse, Project Grit is aiming to expand their visibility and transparency for everyday consumers. The newly hired team is going to be working in order to continuously report transparent revenue reports for the public. This plan follows the business model of allowing clarity with the public, so that anyone can see how much money they make, view their monthly recurring revenue, and other pertinent information that potential shareholders may wish to know before investing.  

At its start, Project Grit was a process development team for digital retail workflows and a custom software enablement team that configured direct-to-consumer sales processes for retailers. Their efforts  were awarded the number one retail tech idea on the Outlook by Retail CIO 2020 and 2021, and so with this recognition, began making strides into larger acquisition spaces, in hopes of continued expansion. 

With 2023 on the horizon, Project Grit is currently updating their focus to function as a fully operating ecosystem for retail sales and services. By combining the three major parent sections of retail commerce into one platform, , the company can offer full transparency as well as  work on its journey toward becoming the number one commerce infrastructure in the world for compact goods.

Project Grit is a retail services conglomerate that operates within its own ecosystem of retail commerce. THe company was founded by Prince D. Levine, a commerce management specialist with nearly a decade of experience. He and his team leading Project Grit spearhead the technical communication for projects with technology-driven initiatives that have an emphasis on consumer interactions. For more information about Project Grit and their upcoming developments, visit their website.

Prince D. Levine

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