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Site Worker Launches New Workforce Platform and Free Training Program for Renewable Energy Workers 

MIAMI BEACH, Florida–Site Worker, which connects the clean energy sector’s top talent with the world’s best companies, has rolled out its new platform for workers, subcontractors, and clients as well as its free training initiative for participants seeking to upskill in the industry. The company, founded by CEO AJ Fusco, works to empower the skilled talent who work on America’s energy projects, including biomass, EV charging, and storage of solar and energy.

“We are very excited about launching Site Worker, as it means we are one step closer to our overall goal: helping to streamline the renewable energy sector through flexible labor,” says Fusco. “We are optimistic that we can help to strengthen the industry by widening the labor pool, focusing on speed to hire, providing double accountability of workers through pre-vetting and upfront reference checks, and processing payments within three business days of a project’s completion.”

Site Worker states that its free training program for energy workers has gotten off to a successful start. While the company is able to train talent in a variety of areas, many participants thus far have been solar technicians who now plan to work on EV charging installations. 

“We are helping a lot of individuals to upskill and diversify their abilities to work on jobs in renewable energy,” says Site Worker. “Both our clients and workers have been very receptive to our offer to train talent for free. Through features like gamification, we are even showing them how fun it is to work on clean energy projects.”

Fusco is confident that Site Worker, with its platform and training program, has the potential to bring energy companies and skilled workers together to build the United States’ infrastructure.

“Our immediate goal at Site Worker is to help America’s energy sector to meet the growing demands of the 21st century,” says Fusco. “We are energizing the people who clean up our world and giving them the tools to get crucial work done for communities across the United States.”

Site Worker was founded by CEO AJ Fusco, a serial entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in building workforce management technology, recruiting, and subcontracting. The company’s mission is to help overcome the gap in the number of skilled workers available for America’s clean energy projects. Site Worker focuses on providing a large labor pool for both mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, pre-vetting talent, paying subcontractors within 3 business days, supplying clients with one bill, and gamifying the performance review process. The result is a workforce system that is streamlining how clean energy projects are staffed.

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