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Noryan Fragrances Launches a New Series of Car Air Freshener Diffusers

Brooklyn, New York– As 2023 kicks off, Noryan, a black owned luxury fragrance company in New York City, is thrilled to be launching its brand new series of car air freshener diffusers. On the heels of its certification by the Black Chamber of Commerce, Noryan has been working diligently to produce and market new and exciting fragrances, which are offered commercially and independently. This new product launch will kick-start the company’s expansion into the world of automotive signature scents, which they hope will see the same success as their previous ventures. 

The company was founded by Brian and Norah, a father and daughter duo who have been sharing their passion for curating signature scents with one another for years. The pair created Noryan as an olfactive scenting and scent marketing company that harnesses the power of scent to “express identities, transform moods and trigger special memories.” Their products are animal-safe, non-toxic, and cruelty free.

“We put this passion into our range of invigorating and luxurious essential/aroma oils, diffusers and candles,” explains Brian. “We believe that anyone, whether as a business or an individual, should be able to experience scenting in a way that resonates with who they are.” 

Along with cooperation and accreditation, Noryan will start working with a fragrance house to bring their distinctive aromas into homes and cars. The business has been striving to integrate its various smell profiles, which are now available on its website, into a variety of platforms.

Currently, Noryan sells upscale fragrances in the form of candles, diffusers, electric lighters, and essential oils/aromas. The business has also started to provide customized house fragrances via HVAC dispersion. Through the Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system of their area, whether it be commercial or domestic, users of the upgraded HVAC scenting are able to discharge aroma oils.

The upcoming car air freshener diffusers open a variety of doors for Noryan as a whole to begin providing signature scents on a wider scale. One possibility that they hope to nurture is a potential partnership with ride-sharing and luxury car services. Providing unique and customized scents for these businesses will allow the collaborative companies to enhance their user’s experiences with their vehicles. 

Studies have shown that 75% of human emotions are influenced by the sense of smell. Noryan hopes that this latest product launch will help to boost partnership brand recognition and influence emotions with ambient scenting that is unique to the business. 

“We envision a community of people who appreciate extraordinary scents and understand the power that fragrance has on your mood,” Watkis explains. “We believe that to smell good is to feel good, and through our scents, we hope to promote just that.”

Noryan is a black-owned scent marketing and luxury home fragrance company based in Brooklyn, New York. The company creates scents and offers custom scenting services to consumers and businesses For more information about Noryan, visit their website and social media accounts. 

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