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HerPractice™ Announces Expansion from 1:1 Private Mentoring to Group Consulting and Online Classes

Kansas, USA–

HerPractice™, a Kansas-based consulting agency, was founded for women looking to grow and scale their chiropractic practices. The company was started by Dr. Christina Carter, an established Kansas-based chiropractor who understands the struggles of being a female in the industry. The expansion from one-on-one private mentoring to group consulting and free online classes is a HerPractice™ move toward increasing the number of successful women chiropractors.

“As a woman-founded consulting agency that understands the struggles of growing a chiropractic practice while also holding all the roles that being a woman entails, we aim to fast-track women chiropractors with the knowledge we’ve collected along the way,” says the company’s founder, Dr. Christina. This agency aims to use its unique and groundbreaking strategy to take the guesswork out of building a chiropractic practice and allow women to create the practice they’ve always dreamed of.

HerPractice™ seeks to help as many women chiropractors as possible reach their practice goals without burnout and struggle. “We know if we share our experience, our secrets, our failures, and all the vulnerable ups and downs of building an empire of a chiropractic practice since 2008,” claims Dr. Christina, “we can catapult so many women through that glass ceiling and fast forward them to their dream practice.”

HerPractice™ is hoping that by broadening its support network and increasing the ways it can mentor different women chiropractors, it will be able to truly make a change in the chiropractic profession as a whole. “We offer mentorship, guidance, and actual strategy by sharing what works and what doesn’t as a women in the chiropractic profession. We forget about competing and comparison and replace it with mutual collaboration and growth.

On this premise of serving bigger and creating greater impact, this consulting agency is elated to continue to expand with its group mentorships. This comes in addition to its previously offered private mentorship services that the company was founded on. The women chiropractors will meet virtually in small pods to create community, share strategy, and create action plans while building their practices together. This is unheard of in the chiropractic consulting industry and is sure to cause a few waves as Dr.Christina hopes to show that building a dream practice isn’t a solo sport and that “when you put women together, legacies are created.” 

HerPractice ™ also launched a free online private class series for those practitioners who aren’t quite ready to invest in high-level consulting but want to grow and attract their ideal patients and treat conditions they align with.

“It’s far too easy to look at seven-figure chiropractors and assume they’ve always been doing big things. But when I was living in my parent’s basement during my first year in practice, I wasn’t doing big things,” holds Dr. Christina. But, this consulting agency aims to ease the struggle most new chiropractors face in practice, holding that everyone must start somewhere.

HerPractice™ is a Kansas-based chiropractic consulting company that aims to help women chiropractors grow their practices while treating ideal patients and conditions. The company hopes that by sharing its knowledge, experience, and never before seen new chiropractic patient strategy, it can help women chiropractors create practices that support and elevate their lives. To learn more, contact Dr. Christina Carter and the HerPractice™ team at  [email protected] and visit