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Sabur Private Wealth Management Opens Limited Free Consultations

Dallas, TX – Fiduciary level advisory firm (RIA) Sabur Private Wealth Management (SPWM) has announced that, for a limited time, its team of advisors will be offering free 30-minute consultations for tax litigation planning for 2022. As April 15th is just around the country, SPWM’s specialists urge anyone interested to sign up while spots are still available.

SPWM’s founder, Zak Shaik, says that the firm’s clients are often high earners interested in wealth management and wealth retention, and typically find themselves navigating complex tax situations that call for professional assistance. “A lot of people in these situations look for financial advisors,” he says. “That’s a mistake. As an RIA firm, we are unaffiliated with a broker or dealer. That means that our top – and only – priority is whatever is best for each client.”

That’s why Shaik and his team decided to open free consultations. “As a fiduciary firm, we’re legally obligated to act on your behalf,” Shaik says. “We put your financial interests before our own. We carefully and holistically consider each client’s situation and recommend the best-performing and most efficient ways to invest their money. This is what we mean by fiduciary duty. It’s a significantly higher standard than that of a financial advisor.”

SPWM is a multi-family office (MFO), which is an independent organization supporting multiple families to manage their wealth and estates. MFOs like SPWM offer a variety of services, such as tax and estate planning, risk management, objective financial counsel, trusteeship, lifestyle management, coordination of professionals, investment advice, and philanthropic foundation management. SPWM was recognized as a top private wealth management firm in 2011, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

“We are known for helping clients pay zero capital gains tax,” Shaik says. “It’s a rare strategy that most firms are unable to offer. We have seen marked success in achieving this for those selling businesses and for those offloading large amounts of cryptocurrency.” He says that SPWM can help with zero capital gains taxes for real, personal, or business assets. SPWM helps clients sell real or personal assets of any kind, including real estate, private or corporate stock holdings, businesses, personal property such as exotic automobiles or boats, and intangible assets (patents, IP, licenses, crypto etc.).

“Our clients are often selling highly highly appreciated assets​,” Shaik says. “That’s where zero capital gains tax can save a lot of money. Also, we offer income tax reduction, moving clients into a reduced marginal tax bracket. We can potentially help with estate tax exclusion on sold assets and potential for creditor and lawsuit protection, including alimony and child support payments.”

He adds that the RIA difference means that firms like SPWM are high caliber private wealth managers, since they’re independent. “We think holistically, not solely in terms of specific products and services,” he says. “Our approach is focused on your financial situation and agenda as a Total Client Model. Only 3% of financial advisory firms are actually RIAs.”

Shaik states that the reason his team opted to move forward with these limited free consultations is to open their services to those unfamiliar with them. “Most people don’t know the difference between financial advisors and RIAs,” he says. “Our fiduciary duty means putting clients’ interests first. Our fees are asset-based with no incentive for excessive transactions. We’re totally transparent about our fees and there are no mutual fund kickbacks. This is the RIA difference, and we hope that those signing up for these free consultations will be excited to learn all about that difference and what it can mean for them.”

Sabur Private Wealth Management is an independent registered investment advisory and fiduciary firm offering independent fee based fiduciary level advice, unlimited access to advisors, advanced holistic financial strategies, and a careful balance of personal and business assets and wealth management.The firm has 30 years’ experience and over 30 licenses and certifications to best serve its clients.


Contact Zak Shaik WMS, IAR, CAPP, CWPP: [email protected]