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Rick Metzgar of Rock Spring Financial Group–Bringing Financial Literacy and Wellness to the Housing Market

Bel Air, Maryland–The face of Rock Spring Financial Group LLC is none other than Rick Metzgar, or more widely known as Mortgage Father on the popular video platform TikTok. The local brokerage firm located in central Maryland is excited to have the chance to bring education within the realm of financial literacy to its community, and beyond.

By utilizing popular social media trends and platforms Rock Spring is now able to bring over 20 years of industry experience to a wider range of potential buyers within the housing market. Metzgar works to post several videos every week explaining the work that he does in fun and comprehensive ways. Piggybacking off of current trending video formats and meme styles, Rock Spring Financial Groups tries to make understanding the home buying process easy to access.

Recent studies have shown that half of America actually has no idea what a mortgage actually is. According to a recent survey that asked 2,000 Americans, (73 percent of them are homeowners) just shy of  49% of Americans actually have knowledge regarding this topic. The survey was conducted to test American homeowners’ knowledge of both the housing market and financial lending industry.

Rock Spring Financial Group is also working in their community, providing a very hands-on approach to their potential clients. Rick explains that he and his team with Rock Spring love to be hyper-local and support the community’s many nonprofits. They explain that the business hopes to change the narrative for Americans regarding brokerage firms by being active members of the community and by giving back wherever they can.

“Buying a home shouldn’t have to be such a scary thing,” Metzgar says. “At Rock Spring, we are working to simplify the home buying process by educating everyday Americans on this critical step in their lives.” With so many uneducated individuals stepping forward with a foggy understanding of real estate and mortgages, Rock Spring FInancial Group is excited to use their two decades of experience to provide services for their neighbors.

In addition to its work with home buyers, Rock Spring Financial Group also works to ensure the mental health of its employees, and other real estate agents remains intact during this troubling time in the industry. Recently, the company  hosted an event for real estate agents, which promoted mental health awareness for those struggling in the industry as the housing market can be unpredictable. 

With the economy feeling incredibly challenging to navigate, real estate agents could be more likely to experience mental health issues than other professionals, experts say. A 2019 study found that the real estate industry has the second-highest rate of clinically diagnosed depression. Rock Spring Financial Group hopes to use their platforms as a space to spread awareness among other agents to prioritize their health and wellness. 

“We pride ourselves on providing one-on-one relationships backed by a team of professionals.” This is seen throughout the company’s various TikTok videos, which follow social trends as a way to reach an audience that otherwise may lack the financial understanding it takes to own a home and apply for a mortgage. It is also evident in their philanthropic ventures throughout central Maryland, as they work to add a personal touch to the world of home buying. 

“My Team works to ensure that we are available when our clients need us and we aim to act quickly to provide answers to their important questions.” With their updated use of social media, such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Rock Spring can now offer direct access to their agents over a wide array of platforms.

Rock Spring works to guide them through each step of applying and completing the process for securing any type of mortgage, from purchasing their first home to a reverse mortgage to provide for their retirement. The company continues its efforts in the spaces of mental health awareness as well, as they work to provide tips and tricks for agents who may be struggling.

Rock Spring FInancial Group is a local brokerage firm located in Bel Air, Maryland. Founded by Rick Metzgar, the company works to help its clients secure mortgages and simplify the home buying process. Their recent active presence on TikTok aims to provide the next generation with the skills they need to find financial literacy in a conceding home market. For more information about Rick and Rock Spring, visit their website and Social Media platforms. 

Rick Metzgar

[email protected]

(443) 801-6389

TikTok: @mortgagefather