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Chroma Sky Portal Device Positively Affects Sleep, Mood, & Productivity

  • Improve sleep & cognitive performance with healthy light exposure.
  • Increase wellness with NIR light normally blocked by windows and walls
  • Beat the winter blues indoors with photobiomodulation.

Sky Blue 480nm light is the wavelength of light that best tells our brains it’s daytime. Unfortunately, in addition to it being about 100 times darker inside than outside, most modern indoor lights (LEDs + fluorescents) completely lack sky blue light.

The absence of sufficiently bright light during the day has been shown to lead to chronic insomnia and a slew of health issues. This problem is increased in northern climates, where the diminished light during the winter months means a severe drop in wellness across the board.  Long days working under poor quality, dim lighting has shown to have a significant negative impact on the body’s circadian rhythm, and can have a massive impact on mental and other health outcomes. The pandemic forced many into working from home, increasing the number of people suffering from insomnia, fatigue, poor eyesight, migraines, compromised mental health, and a number of other side effects, largely because of a lack of healthy light cycle exposure.

Seattle-based company Chroma designs lights intended to help and improve wakefulness, mental health, productivity, and support a healthy sleep cycle via photobiomodulation. Chroma’s revolutionary Sky Portal technology goes far beyond a desk lamp. This product is ideal for high performance computer workers, such as data analysts, students, programmers, writers, designers, and other professionals in all lines of work, from real estate to sales to healthcare. The Chroma Sky Portal is designed to help increase focus, alertness, and cognitive function through sky blue and NIR (near infrared) photobiomodulation. While most indoor lights are intended to light your room only enough to see objects, the Sky Portal is designed with human biological needs put first. Professionals using the Chroma Sky Portal product report an increase in wellness, productivity, and better sleep almost right away.

Chroma products were created by company founder Michael Chapiro, a NASA, NSF, Air Force, and MDA funded engineer who, after suffering a climbing injury, turned his interest to the massive impact PBM (Photobiomodulation) has on human cells and health outcomes. His insight led to the creation of a handful of novel purpose-built light devices targeted around increasing natural human performance and wellness in an age of poor quality indoor lighting.

The NIR/Blue Chroma Sky Portal combines 480nm Sky Blue Light, the most effective wavelength to awaken the brain, and 810nm Near Infrared (NIR) light, a key bioactive component of sunlight that’s blocked by modern windows. Both of these wavelengths are absent in modern indoor lighting, and lack of exposure to these lights during the morning and daytime are correlated with worse health outcomes. On the flip side, it’s very important to avoid melanopic blue light in the evening before bed as it suppresses melatonin production in the brain. Humans thrive under NIR light, the wavelengths from about 700-1000 nanometers, and is a type of energy that humans are naturally exposed to from sunlight. NIR radiation has been shown to help improve brain function, reduce inflammation, and even promote wound healing. The NIR/Blue Sky Portal offers the cellular and cognitive benefits of red light therapy combined with targeted circadian rhythm correction through natural melanopic sky blue exposure.  For best results, Chroma recommends using the device at 50:50 NIR:Blue in the morning/day, and at 100% NIR in the evening, when one should be avoiding extra exposure to blue light, following the natural cycle of the day.

NIR light has been shown to support overall mitochondrial health, cellular protection, and offer cognitive enhancement. This category of light makes up roughly 30% of the energy in sunlight, and is completely lacking indoors as it’s blocked by walls and even windows. The body has multiple biological pathways that rely on this range of light to function properly. Unfortunately, most people are deficient.  NIR has even been shown to promote healing in the body’s cells, improve the circulation of oxygenated blood, promote deep tissue healing, and offer pain relief.  If you don’t have a Sky Portal at your desk providing NIR light, taking regular sun breaks is even more important.

Those working with regular video calls may prefer the White/Blue Sky Portal; while this version has no NIR red light therapy feature, it offers an ultra high fidelity white light plus Chroma’s signature adjustable Sky Blue channel for increasing circadian response as needed. This is an ideal white light solution for those working indoors, as it offers a large surface area bright panel with ultra high fidelity color rendering. This means that not only will your skin look healthier on video calls, but everything in your office will look more naturally colored. Light from the White/Blue Sky Portal is not harsh like fluorescent lighting because its spectral pattern is much closer to sunlight, a natural range of frequencies, and boasts extremely low flicker. The company recommends pairing a Sky Portal with a pair of Carbonshades, their best-selling blue and green (melanopic light) blocking glasses. It’s important to get enough melanopic (blue and green) light during the day, and also important to avoid it at night for a few hours before bed.

While working inside on a screen is common, it no longer has to come with all the adverse health and sleep effects of a poor light environment. Chroma is poised to become one of the premier indoor wellness and human performance lighting brands worldwide. The company offers a solution to the technical debt of modern civilization on human health and wellness. Rather than shun technology, Chroma embraces its necessity.

The team at Chroma is focused on long-term growth and impact, so they create each product to last and remain relevant. Success for Chroma is making a meaningful impact on the wellness of humanity. The company’s team strives to be an example to lead the lighting market as a whole to produce lights designed with human biological needs put first.

Chroma is an indoor wellness and human performance lighting brand that offers unique purpose-designed light devices beyond the Sky Portal indoor lighting system. Other offerings include the IRONFORGE, a high power density Red/NIR device designed for targeted PBMT treatment; and the D-Light, the first consumer device offering UVB LEDs for Vitamin D and balanced with Red and NIR for cellular protection during UV exposure. The blue light blocking Carbonshades lenses have been independently tested to block 99.9% of melanopic blue/green light and designed to pair with the Sky Portal for Circadian support.


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