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 Ashley Ryckman, Building A Million-Dollar Brand Out of Her Basement In Less Than Five Years

Ashley Ryckman, owner and founder of Chic Lifestyle, Inc., is disrupting the way the beauty industry works by challenging women to #BelieveYouDeserveIt. 

Instead of simply selling products that sit on the shelf, Ashley and her team invite her audience into their community – their tribe, as she calls it.

With followers on Facebook reaching over 120K, Chic Lifestyle is changing the way women all over the world see themselves. Most important to Ashley is the space her brand has created to allow her tribe to support each other. Her products help people feel more beautiful on the outside, but the love and support of the community help them feel as gorgeous on the inside.

“I saw a need in helping women believe in themselves. We sell confidence, and the belief that it’s never too late to start taking care of you,” Ashley said. 

Thousands tune in LIVE every day on Facebook to watch Ashley and her team host a unique, personalized shopping experience. Featuring high-quality clothes, accessories, beauty products, and jaw-dropping wig styles, customers receive 360-degree support they don’t get elsewhere. Tutorials on how to use products, virtual and in-person consultations, customer spotlights, and the chance to interact with Ashley and her team every day to share in the joy of the shopping experience.

In the private Chic Lifestyle Testimonial  Facebook group women come to share personal stories, offer prayers and support during challenging times, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. One of Ashley’s customers recently won $25,000 with the help of the group members voting in The 15 Day Challenge to live healthier and feel better. 

It’s about purpose. 

Which is why Chic Lifestyle, Inc. has donated more than $100,000 to support victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking, homeless shelters and food banks, animal shelters, and a cause near to heart, women battling cancer. All made possible by the incredible success of her rapidly growing business that puts people before products. 

“We’re not meant to do life alone,” Ashley said, “My mission is to inspire women to have the courage to turn their dreams into their reality by teaching them to curate their own unique Chic Lifestyle.”

Consider this your official invite to the tribe! 

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