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Skincare Anarchy Launching YŪGEN Magazine Volume 2

Manhattan, NY – Skincare Anarchy, a beauty podcast that discusses skincare trends, social issues, and the overall skincare and beauty industry, has recently announced the launch of their second volume of YŪGEN Magazine. YŪGEN is an extension of the show, and was created by the leadership at Skincare Anarchy with the goal of becoming both a scientific beauty publication and peer reviewed, open access medical journal. 

The release of YŪGEN’s second volume is integral to the company behind the podcast, because it represents a significant milestone in their journey to provide valuable and engaging content to their listeners. As Skincare Anarchy seeks to solidify its position as a leading authority in the skincare and beauty podcasting space, the growth of YŪGEN signifies the continued growth and success of the brand, allowing them to reach a wider audience and establish themselves as a prominent voice in the skincare and beauty industry.

The first volume of YŪGEN, which debuted October 21, 2022 and has now reached 4.7 million downloads, featured a collection from Skincare Anarchy’s collection of over 512 interviews. “Our interviews are like time capsules,” says company founder and podcast host Dr. Ekta Yadav. “We ensure that the relevance of each is timeless. The questions aren’t dependent on trends; rather, they focus on knowledge about a brand and science- and business-related information.”

Dr. Yadav has both a medical and business background and a deep interest in the beauty market. She created Skincare Anarchy as a way to speak to insiders in the beauty industry, and to peel back the curtain on its inner workings.

YŪGEN, a hybrid publication of beauty editorials, interview features, and peer-reviewed medical articles, is a fully interactive, magazine-like e-publication. The second iteration of the magazine will soon launch, and it will focus on all things related to the medicine and science of wellness.

The publication is key to the growth of Skincare Anarchy, as it provides an additional platform for the podcast to extend its reach and engage with a diverse audience. The in-depth articles, interviews, and expert insights on skincare trends, social issues, and beauty culture offered by YŪGEN Magazine complements the podcast’s audio content and allows for a more comprehensive exploration of the topics discussed. This multi-channel approach helps to establish Skincare Anarchy as a trusted source of information and expertise in the industry.

Moreover, YŪGEN Magazine helps Skincare Anarchy to establish its brand as a leader in the skincare and beauty space. YŪGEN positions Skincare Anarchy as a go-to resource for skincare enthusiasts and professionals alike by curating high-quality content, featuring industry experts, and showcasing the latest trends and innovations. This branding opportunity not only strengthens the podcast’s credibility but also opens doors for partnerships, collaborations, and potential revenue streams.

“Our hope is that YŪGEN will allow for greater community engagement and interaction,” Dr. Yadav explains. “We want to foster a sense of community, encouraging meaningful conversations around skincare and beauty.”

This active and engaged community can further fuel the growth of Skincare Anarchy by attracting more listeners to the podcast, increasing social media engagement, and generating a loyal following.

“With the growth of our podcast, which is currently at 325,000+ listeners per week after less than 3 years on the air, we wanted to push further into beauty education,” says Dr. Yadav. “We were recently named among the top 25 beauty podcasts and we continue to focus on scientific information.”

She adds that her team is pleased about the launch of YŪGEN Magazine’s second issue and has plans for upcoming releases. “Our e-publication was created with the idea of simplifying social media content,” Dr. Yadav shares. “We focus on creating a streamlined, seamless experience in an industry flooded by sensory overload. We aim to provide clear information to help users make informed decisions about their beauty and skincare purchases.”

Dr. Yadav has authored multiple publications in the areas of oncology, microbiology, dermatology, respiratory medicine, breast cancer research, and others. She is currently a US based MD, MBA, MS. She regularly reviews manuscripts being considered for acceptance for other publications, which is where she came up with the idea of creating a user-friendly, visually pleasing beauty publication that combines medical research, scientific innovations, and beauty trends.

Skincare Anarchy strives to become a platform where users can collaborate and learn, while building a library of knowledge and resources to help create breakthrough discoveries and help eliminate redundancy in the respective industries.

About Skincare Anarchy

Skincare Anarchy is a beauty podcast focused on providing interviews with professionals to discuss skincare trends, social issues, and the overall skincare and beauty industry. The podcast has a library of over 440 interviews and curates content from this subject material as part of the content for its YŪGEN Magazine. The magazine also includes beauty editorials and peer-reviewed medical and scientific articles.


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