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The First Members-Only Muslim Dating App NIM Launches with a New York Event

New York, NY – NIM, the dating app designed exclusively for Muslim singles, has officially launched, with the goal of creating new opportunities for relationship-building within the Muslim community. The app seeks to address the unique challenges faced by Muslim individuals in their search for love, offering a culturally sensitive platform that allows users to forge connections based on shared values, interests, and goals.

NIM is a purposeful product tailored to the needs of the Muslim community. The team behind NIM operates on a commitment to privacy, respect, kindness, and trust, and seeks to create a safe space for individuals to explore potential relationships while staying true to their religious and cultural beliefs.

Founder and CEO Snaullah (Sal) Niazi, a serial tech entrepreneur and first-generation Afghan American, envisions NIM as more than a dating app. “We are trying to offer a unique platform that aligns with our community’s values and beliefs, while embracing the convenience and flexibility of modern technology,” Niazi states.

He adds that the app contains features specific to the Muslim worldview; for example, NIM offers a “Circle” option, which allows paying members to invite both single and married individuals into their online space within the app. This allows friends and family to become matchmakers.

“We are all about fostering connections beyond the virtual realm,” Niazi shares. “This is why we held a launch event in New York, allowing our earliest testers and members to mingle and meet. This will be the first of many, as we seek to host in-person events in major cities across the US.”

In an era where privacy is paramount, NIM ensures that user profiles are never made public, providing a discreet and protected environment for individuals to interact authentically. Upholding Halal and Sharia compliance, NIM allows users to add a chaperone to their account, ensuring all communication remains appropriate and in accordance with Muslim practices.

The launch event in New York City showcased the app’s commitment to networking and establishing genuine connections. It served as a testament to NIM’s mission to create a dating experience that extends beyond digital interactions, embracing the power of in-person events to foster meaningful connections among its users.

NIM is now available for download in select regions. “We cater to ambitious, down-to-earth Muslims ready to embark on the next chapter of their personal lives,” Niazi reveals. “By eliminating hours of pointless swiping and focusing on meeting the right individuals who meet their unique standards, NIM takes the frustration out of the equation, allowing users to focus on building connections that truly matter.”

About NIM

Nim is a dating app designed specifically for Muslim singles. It offers users a private, members-only community with proprietary features such as a “Circle” option – allowing family and friends to help in the matchmaking process – the option to add a chaperone to conversations, making it Sharia-compliant.


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