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Eric Javits LLC Expands Globally with New Distribution Centers and Stores in Europe and Korea

NEW YORK, NY–Eric Javits LLC, whose hats, shoes, and bags embody elegance with gentility married to function, is deepening its expansion across Europe and Asia. The company, made famous for its creation of the Squishee® hat, has established strategic distribution centers in the Netherlands and has also opened its first brick-and-mortar stores in Seoul, Korea, with plans for additional locations in Busan and Daegu. In moving into the next phase of global market penetration, Eric Javits LLC’s goal is to make hat wearing viable for more women and men in the 21st century.

Eric Javits LLC first introduced the Squishee® hat in 1995 after its creator, Eric Javits, noticed that women avoided wearing hats because of the perception that they were fragile and not cohesive with a modern lifestyle. Within a year, the company had created a straw-like material that was lightweight and flexible and that could be made into a hat that sprang back to its original shape after being rolled up. Since the launch of the Squishee® hat, Eric Javits LLC has been bringing its down-to-earth, glamorous look to markets around the world.

The new distribution centers are part of the company’s 2023 plans for meeting a growing demand in the European market by reducing delivery times, improving service quality, and anticipating the needs of European consumers. 

“We are pleased by the global recognition of our brand and are happy to increase our ability to serve lovers of the Eric Javits brand across Western and Eastern Europe,” says Javits. “We welcome our new employees in the distribution centers to our international team, and we are confident that they will help us to succeed in the competitive world of European fashion and make our brand even stronger.”

To cater to diverse markets and increase the universal appeal of its products, Eric Javits LLC has also opened its first stores in Seoul, Korea, i. Korea, recognized as a fashion-forward and luxury-oriented market, is a strategic location that may help increase the company’s brand visibility and acceptance. 

“We celebrate the grand opening of our latest stores, and we thank our employees and partners for working hard to provide an immersive brand experience to our customers,” Javits says. “It is exciting to bring the Eric Javits look to Koreans in stores and to go beyond online interaction.”

As 2023 continues, Eric Javits LLC plans to further extend its presence in Asia in recognition of the region’s rapidly growing luxury goods market. The company aims to not only spread its brand but to contribute to local economies through job creation and investment. No matter the market, it will remain dedicated to providing men and women with intelligent luxury and accessory designs that are charming and fun to wear.

Eric Javits LLC, a global brand, was created by artist Eric Javits to enrich the fashion accessories industry with accessories that are both glamorous and durable. The company’s trademark, the Squishee® hat, is known across the world for its advanced fibers and elegant style. To learn more about Eric Javits LLC, please visit its website or contact:

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