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Indonesia As An Emerging Market Theme

Indonesia, although remote to most people in the United States, is in fact, the 4th most populous country in the world. The interesting thing is although 70% of the people there have smartphones, 60-70% don’t have bank accounts. This simple phenomenon has paved the exponential

Blockchange CEO Daniel Eyre, “There’s a demand for technologies that enable everyday retail investors to participate in the market in a simple yet powerful way.”

In the simplest terms, the term blockchain refers to a decentralized database. If you think of a traditional database like a spreadsheet, running on a single computer, blockchain distributes that so the spreadsheet runs on millions and millions of computers. Blockchains are secured using state

Meet Assignmate: Enabling Private Tutors on Tap.

Kathmandu, Nepal – With fall semester right around the corner, students around the country are beginning to heave a collective sigh. The lectures they will be sleeping through, the theories they just didn’t get and the ideologies they simply couldn’t comprehend will demand term papers