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Naked Lynx Loungewear Rolling Out Luxury Resort Wear 

Naked Lynx Loungewear specializes in high-end swimwear and luxury robes, specifically serving “the babe that likes to be seaside in Malibu or poolside in the Hamptons,” the company says. Their products include silk robes, satin robes, swimsuit tops and bottoms, and high-end sweats. The company has broadly described their catalog as “luxury resort wear.”

Prior to starting Naked Lynx Loungewear in 2020, Priya enjoyed a pervasive presence in pop culture as a model. Her high-profile modeling assignments included shoots with photographer Ash Gupta for 838 Media Group in Los Angeles, featuring in countless of the high-profile photographer’s projects and oftentimes highlighted in his galleries. Priya has also worked with the photographers Kesler Tran, Yves huy Truong, Max Thompson, Jen Senn and Sam Demshek. 

Priya’s modeling resume is a “who’s who” of luxury brands including Brilliant Carbon Jewelry, Gooseberry Swim, Wolford, Fae Swim, Veronica Peagen Swim, Raju Clothing, Blu Dream Swim, and 138 Water. She has walked for Veronica Paegen in the Miami Swim Week and in California for Nordstrom’s Trunk Club Business Wear. Priya has even featured in music videos for Snoop Dog and Monday Justice. 

From her wide-ranging experience in modeling, Priya developed a keen understanding of what people like to see (in particular, what they find enticing) along with what makes women feel comfortable, secure with themselves and in control. From working with top photographers and luxury brands across innumerable shoots and projects, Priya learned how to ‘dress to kill,’ especially with regard to high-end swimwear and luxury robes. Priya also learned just how important the right material and fit are to projecting success and fostering a sense of self-worth. 

These insights greatly informed Naked Lynx Loungewear’s extreme attention to detail and quality with the aim to “create clothing that empowered women, from women to women,” Priya says. She also learned from her countless modeling assignments and collaborations that young and up-and-coming artists are more likely to ‘have their fingers on the pulse’ of fashion than older designers. Priya explains of her company’s development: “everyone that got involved is a young, up-and-coming NYC or LA artist.” 

The company is based in New York City. It was founded there in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, about one year after Priya moved to the city. New York is also the location from which Naked Lynx Loungewear’s products are shipped worldwide. Priya herself, however, is decidedly bi-coastal: living part-time in New York City and part-time in Los Angeles, Priya runs her company from both coasts and both cities. 

Priya describes herself as a “travel junkie” and travels a great deal to Europe, in particular, where she continually finds new inspiration for Naked Lynx Loungewear’s future products. Priya has visited India, Japan, Italy, Paris, London, Barcelona, Bora Bora, Anguilla, Cancun and Greece. She has confessed to a certain preference for Italy, where she spent two months last year.  Priya is especially fond of Milan, Rome, Lake Como and Venice. Through her many travels, Priya aims to cultivate an ever broader range of influences to inform her fashion brand. 

Priya’s cosmopolitanism extends into other areas, as well. “I love taking on new languages,” Priya says, “I took Mandarin Chinese classes for 3 months. I understand a bit of Italian and Spanish. And I am fluent in Hindi and, of course, English.” Priya’s continual exploration of international fashions and numerous languages attests to her active interest in expanding her boundaries to inform her brand ever more comprehensively. 

With Naked Lynx Loungewear’s high-end products, all of which are informed by Priya’s prolific career as a top model and wide-ranging travels, the company aims to facilitate greater happiness and self-assurance in women around the world.