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Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine: Interactive Urban Entertainment Comes to Your Phone

With African Americans making up 12.4% of America’s population, a study that predicts their wealth will reach zero by 2053 is especially alarming. “That’s millions of people who may have no savings or wealth to pass down to their children,” says content creator Christi Love, the Founder/CEO of Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine. “I believe that everyone has the right to create financial security for themselves, so I decided to pioneer Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine, the first fully-interactive, decentralized, digital-content  magazine built on the Hedera blockchain platform. It is a magazine-show on cell phones for the 25M people nationwide who enjoy hip hop and urban entertainment. We are gearing up for the spring 2023 launch of our 3D celebrity NFT magazine covers and our 1-Million-Millionaires Challenge, a De-Fi referral and rewards program that over the long term can help African Amerians shrink the wealth gap for their families.”

Christi Love believes now is the right time for Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine and its referral/rewards program. “As so many people say, wealth is not built overnight. Instead, it is about taking consistent steps over many years to put yourself on a new financial trajectory,” she says. “My goal for Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine is that it can be a tool for African Americans who want to diversify their finances and create a different future for themselves.”

To help disrupt the wealth gap experienced by People of Color, Christi Love first created the Spotlight Web3 app and website, which allows viewers to watch exclusive digital-content on hip hop music and urban entertainment, including interviews, concerts, and more. Whether a person is interested in comedy, sports, sneakers, cars, technology, or music, they can find interactive content that can be seen on their mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

Christi Love then partnered with Hedera Hashgraph DLT to create the first decentralized, blockchain-like, Distributed Ledger Technology platform that includes a De-Fi rewards system, which pays subscribers back for sharing the app with new subscribers. 

“It is based on our ‘subscribe, share, get paid, repeat’ model,” says Christi Love. “When you subscribe to Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine, you pay only $9.95 for a one-year quarterly subscription. That gives you access to the hottest digital-content around and VIP access to our website. Then, through your friends and family network, you share your encrypted subscription-link to our digital-magazine app. When your sharing of your personalized link leads to a new subscriber, you will see that referral on your private account-dashboard.” 

From there, subscribers will receive a $1 revenue-share each time someone uses their referral link to sign up. By following our system subscribers have the potential to earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

“Of course, be sure to register a DBA with the IRS to receive an EIN Number so that you can pay taxes on commission earnings,” Christi Love recommends. “Overall, it’s an exciting opportunity to enjoy the best digital-content out there while earning payouts when someone else subscribes using your subscription-link.”

She adds that Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine is just as exciting for musical artists, sports figures, advertisers, brands, and sponsors. As interest in hip hop and urban entertainment is steadily growing worldwide, they have the chance to be featured on the platform and be part of a new way that hip hop music fans experience content and fan engagement.

“We are pioneering a new form of media,” says Christi Love, “one with fully-interactive, high-quality, exclusive content that reaches millions in America and around the globe. This is the future of online urban entertainment – all from a cell phone.”

As 2053 and the possibility of African Americans having zero wealth remain on the horizon, Christi Love is optimistic that solutions can be found.

“Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine and its referral and rewards system are just the start of what we as a society can do,” she believes. “We need more people to think outside of the box so that the wealth-gap in the United States can be bridged. As for me, I am very excited about the future, as we are putting into action our own plan to give more people the potential to become millionaires, one subscriber at a time.” 

Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine is the world’s first fully-interactive decentralized, digital magazine on the blockchain. Through its built-in million-dollar rewards program, it is giving more people the potential to increase their wealth for generations to come. For more information on Spotlight Web3 Digital-Content Magazine and to be among the first to know when it goes live, please join the waitlist.

For more information on how artist, brands, advertisers or sponsors can be involved, please contact us at: [email protected]

or (310) 881-9661.

“Step into the Spotlight!”